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6 Digital Marketing Solutions to Grow Your Dental Practice


In digital marketing, trends move quickly. Dentists need to find new opportunities to expand their practices and reach a broader audience. Leveraging the power of digital platforms significantly impacts the growth and success of your dental practice. Here are six effective digital marketing solutions tailored to your local dental practice.


Optimized Website Design and Development

Your website serves as the digital storefront for your dental practice. Ensure it is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and optimized for search engines. Incorporate relevant keywords related to dentistry, your services, and your location throughout your website to improve its visibility in search engine results.

Local SEO Strategies

Local search engine optimization (SEO) tactics can help your dental practice appear in local search results when potential patients are seeking dental services in your area. Claim and optimize your Google My Business listing, ensure your business information is accurate and consistent across online directories, and encourage satisfied patients to leave positive reviews.

Content Marketing

Create valuable and informative content that addresses the needs and concerns of your target audience. Regularly publishing blog posts, articles, and educational videos on topics such as oral hygiene tips, common dental procedures, and preventive care not only establishes your expertise but also attracts potential patients to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Engage with your audience on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Share engaging content, behind-the-scenes glimpses of your practice, patient testimonials, and promotions to increase brand awareness and foster relationships with both existing and prospective patients.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Utilize email marketing to stay connected with your patients and keep them informed about your services, promotions, and upcoming events. Segment your email list based on patient demographics and preferences to deliver personalized content that resonates with each recipient.

Online Advertising

Invest in online advertising campaigns to expand your reach and attract new patients to your dental practice. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on platforms like Google Ads allows you to target specific keywords and demographics, ensuring your ads are seen by individuals actively seeking dental services.

Implementing these digital marketing solutions can help your dental practice stand out in a competitive market, attract more patients, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth. By staying abreast of the latest digital marketing trends and continuously refining your strategies, you can position your practice for long-term success in the digital age.


Google Ads: Why You Should Never Use Automated "Smart" Campaigns


Google Ads remains one of the most vital tools for small businesses aiming to boost their online visibility and drive conversions. However, not all features within Google Ads are created equal. One feature that often grabs attention is the "Smart" Campaigns option, promising automated optimization and ease of use. With the recent developments in AI technology, these automated campaigns may seem enticing at first glance. However, delving deeper reveals a myriad of reasons why relying solely on automated "Smart" Campaigns can be detrimental to your advertising bottom line.


Understanding Automated "Smart" Campaigns

Google introduced Smart Campaigns as a user-friendly solution for advertisers seeking simplified ad management. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, these campaigns automate various aspects of ad creation, targeting, and bidding, ostensibly to maximize returns with minimal input from advertisers. Sounds convenient, right?

The Illusion of Convenience

While the allure of automation is undeniable, it often comes at a cost – namely, control and customization. Smart Campaigns may streamline the setup process, but they severely limit your ability to fine-tune targeting parameters, ad creatives, and bidding strategies according to your specific business goals. In essence, you're relinquishing control of crucial elements that directly impact the success of your campaigns.

Lack of Transparency and Optimization Opportunities

Transparency is key to effective digital marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, Smart Campaigns operate behind a veil of algorithmic obscurity, leaving advertisers in the dark regarding the rationale behind optimization decisions. Without proper insights into performance metrics and audience behavior, it's almost impossible to evaluate areas for improvement or refine targeting criteria to better resonate with your target audience.

Cookie-Cutter Approach to Advertising

Every business is unique, with its own set of objectives, target audience segments, and competitive landscape. Smart Campaigns, however, adopt a one-size-fits-all approach that fails to account for the nuances of individual businesses. Generic ad copy and broad targeting parameters may yield subpar results, as they lack the personalization and relevance necessary to captivate potential customers and drive conversions.

Escalating Costs and Diminished ROI

While Smart Campaigns promise to optimize your ad spend, the reality often paints a different picture. Without granular control over bidding strategies and budget allocation, advertisers risk overspending on underperforming keywords or targeting criteria that yield low-quality leads. Over time, this can lead to ballooning advertising costs and a diminished return on investment (ROI).

The Case for Active Ad Management

While automated features like Smart Campaigns have their place in certain scenarios, they should not serve as a substitute for strategic and active ad management. By adopting a hands-on approach to campaign optimization, advertisers can leverage actionable insights, experiment with different ad formats, and tailor messaging to resonate with their target audience effectively.


Embracing technological innovation is essential for staying ahead of the curve. However, blindly entrusting your advertising efforts to automated "Smart" Campaigns is a gamble that often yields lackluster results. To maximize the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns, prioritize transparency, customization, and strategic optimization over the allure of convenience. By taking ownership of your advertising strategy, you'll be better equipped to achieve your business objectives and drive sustainable growth in the digital marketplace.


SEO Trends 2024: What Small Healthcare Businesses Need to Know


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t going away anytime soon. On the contrary, SEO best practices are only evolving with time. It remains a pivotal tool for small healthcare businesses to enhance their online visibility, rank higher in search results, and attract new patients. With that in mind, let's dive into some key SEO trends that small healthcare businesses need to be aware of in 2024 to stay competitive.

Voice-Search Optimization

Move over regular search! Voice search continues to gain prominence as more people are asking virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa to search the web for them. To keep up with this trend, small healthcare businesses should optimize their content for conversational-style search queries. This involves using more long-tail keywords and natural language phrases that mimic how people speak conversationally. Incorporating simple FAQ sections can also boost visibility in voice search results.

E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)

Google's search algorithm now places a heavy emphasis on E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) to deliver high-quality and reliable content to users. Simply using the right keywords on your website is no longer enough. Healthcare businesses must focus on showcasing their expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness across multiple digital platforms. This can be achieved through publishing high-quality content, obtaining credible backlinks, and displaying accreditations and certifications prominently.

Mobile Optimization

With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, mobile optimization remains a critical aspect of SEO. Websites that are mobile-friendly not only provide a better user experience but also rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Small healthcare businesses should ensure that their websites are responsive, load quickly, and offer seamless navigation on mobile devices.

Video Content

Video content continues to dominate online platforms and has become a powerful tool for engaging audiences. Healthcare businesses can leverage video content to educate patients about services, procedures, and health-related topics. Optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords can improve visibility on search engines and video-sharing platforms like YouTube.

Local SEO

Local SEO is instrumental for small healthcare practices targeting patients within specific geographic areas. Optimizing Google My Business profiles, local directories, and obtaining positive reviews from satisfied patients can significantly enhance local search visibility. Consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) information across all online listings is essential for local SEO success.

User Experience (UX) Optimization

Google prioritizes websites that offer exceptional user experiences. Factors such as page load speed, mobile-friendliness, intuitive navigation, and high-quality content all contribute to a positive UX. Small healthcare businesses should focus on creating seamless browsing experiences that keep visitors engaged and encouraged to take action.


Staying up to date on new SEO trends remains the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy available for small healthcare businesses in 2024. As you’re planning for the rest of the year, keep those new trends in mind: voice search optimization, E-A-T content, mobile optimization, video content, local SEO, and user experience. Healthcare businesses can capitalize on these SEO trends to strengthen their online presence, attract more patients, and foster long-term success in an increasingly competitive digital marketing industry.


Enterprise Marketing: Essential Digital Solutions for Multi-Location Health Care Practices


Multi-location healthcare practices face unique challenges when it comes to marketing their services effectively. In this blog, we’ll give you some insider tips on the essential digital solutions that empower multi-location healthcare practices to thrive in today's competitive marketing environment.

Localized SEO Strategies

Achieving visibility in local search results for each location is the biggest hurdle for multi-location healthcare practices. Implementing localized SEO strategies involves optimizing website content, meta tags, and keywords to target specific geographical areas served by each practice location. By leveraging tools like Google My Business and Bing Places for Business, practices can ensure accurate business information, enhance online visibility, and facilitate easy access to contact details and directions for patients.

Dynamic Map With Store Locator

Integrating a dynamic map with a store locator feature on your website is a game-changer for multi-location healthcare practices. This tool enables patients to easily find nearby practice locations, view directions, and explore services offered at each facility. By incorporating user-friendly elements and intuitive search functionality, practices enhance the online experience and build useful trust for patients seeking care.


Location Database Management & Microsites

Managing a comprehensive database of locations and ensuring each one has a dedicated microsite can significantly enhance the online presence and accessibility of multi-location healthcare practices. With customizable location database management systems, practices can maintain accurate and up-to-date information for each location, including address, contact details, services offered, and hours of operation.

By creating individual microsites for each location, practices can tailor content and messaging to reflect the unique characteristics of each location. These microsites serve as virtual storefronts, providing patients with valuable insights into the services, expertise, and amenities available at each location. Furthermore, comprehensive microsites can improve search engine visibility and rankings, making it easier for patients to find the location nearest them. 

In conclusion, multi-location healthcare practices need to expand their reach, enhance patient engagement, and drive business growth in multiple geographic locations. By implementing essential digital solutions such as localized SEO strategies, dynamic maps, content marketing, and microsites, practices can establish a competitive edge over competitors in multiple areas at the same time! 

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Dental Web Design & SEO: Avoid These 6 Common Marketing Mistakes


Are you a dentist looking to enhance your online presence and attract more patients to your practice? A professional yet eye-catching dental web design paired with a robust SEO marketing strategy can separate your practice from local competitors. However, dental practices make a lot of marketing mistakes, hindering their online visibility bottom line. We get it! Dental practices are busy enough as it is. To ensure your dental website stands out in the crowded online space, check out these six common marketing mistakes to avoid:

Neglecting Mobile Optimization

With the majority of internet users accessing websites through mobile devices, overlooking mobile optimization can be detrimental to your dental practice's online success. A responsive dental web design ensures that your website adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes, providing users with an optimal browsing experience across all devices.

Overlooking Local SEO

As a local dental practice, leveraging local SEO tactics is crucial for attracting patients in your area. Ensure your website is optimized for local keywords, such as "dentist near me" or "family dentist [your city]." Claim your Google My Business listing, and regularly update it with accurate practice information, including your address, phone number, and business hours.

Minimal or Outdated Content

Content is king when it comes to engaging potential patients and improving your website's search engine rankings. Avoid the mistake of having sparse or outdated content on your dental website. Regularly publish informative blog posts, patient testimonials, and educational videos that showcase your expertise and commitment to patient care.

Ignoring Online Reviews

Online reviews play a significant role in shaping prospective patients' perceptions of your dental practice. Ignoring or neglecting to manage online reviews, whether positive or negative, can deter potential patients from choosing your services. Encourage satisfied patients to leave reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Healthgrades, and promptly address any negative feedback with professionalism and empathy.

Slow Page Load Speed

In today's fast-paced digital environment, users expect websites to load quickly and efficiently. A slow-loading website not only frustrates visitors but also adversely affects your search engine rankings. Optimize your dental website's performance by minimizing large images, leveraging browser caching, and investing in reliable web hosting services.

Lack of Social Media Presence

Social media platforms offer valuable opportunities to engage with both current and prospective patients on a more personal level. Establish an active presence on popular social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Share informative content, behind-the-scenes glimpses of your practice, and patient success stories to foster meaningful connections with your audience.

In conclusion, by avoiding these seven common marketing mistakes, you can position your dental practice for online success. Invest in a well-designed website, prioritize SEO best practices, and actively engage with your audience across various online channels. Remember, a strong online presence not only attracts new patients but also fosters long-term relationships built on trust and quality dental care.

Ready to elevate your dental practice's online marketing efforts? Contact Roya.com and learn how we can help you achieve your digital marketing goals and bring your vision to life. 


Marketing & Online Reviews: Reputation Management 101


Did you know Google Reviews now directly impacts where your website ranks in search results? In November 2023, the tech giant announced a pivotal search algorithm update to how online reviews are evaluated and displayed in search results.

The Google Reviews Update

This update represents a strategic move by Google to boost the relevance and authenticity of user reviews, giving them more weight in how businesses rank in search results. Besides search results, online reviews build credibility and attract customers, so understanding and adapting to these changes is vital for effective reputation management. 

Key Features of the Update

  • Relevance Enhancement: The update promotes reviews in search results that are more relevant to user searches. This means that search results will show a more targeted display of reviews, aligning with the specific products, services, or keywords the user searches for. 

  • Authenticity: the update aims to filter out potentially misleading or fake reviews, providing users with a more genuine reflection of the business's reputation.

Implications for Businesses

For online marketing and reputation management, adjusting to updates is essential to maintaining your SEO search visibility. Here's how the Google Reviews Update may impact your strategies:

  • Content Strategy Adjustment: Tailor your content and encourage customers to leave reviews highlighting specific aspects of your products or services. This will align with the update's focus on relevance, increasing the likelihood of your positive reviews featuring in search results.

  • Authentic Engagement: Prioritize authentic engagement with your customers. Show potential patients that their feedback matters by replying to reviews. Encourage genuine feedback and testimonials, as the update places a higher value on reviews deemed authentic by Google's algorithms. Lastly, for any negative reviews, thoughtfully reply to provide context and to show genuine care. 

  • Volume: Encourage as many patients as possible to leave reviews by making the process as easy as possible. Try having QR codes at the front desk and around your practice where patients can easily scan to leave a review!


In the age of digital marketing, leveraging online reviews for reputation management is a dynamic and fluid process. The Google Reviews Update increases the importance of relevance and authenticity in how online reviews impact search results. Businesses that understand and adapt to these changes will enhance their online credibility and increase their Google rankings. Remember, your brand's success is not just about what you say – it's also about what your customers say about you.

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Converting Clicks Into Smiles: Roya.com's Guide to Dental Website Design


In today's digital era, the initial interaction between a potential patient and a dental practice takes place online. Your website serves as more than just a virtual business card; it's the first handshake and introduction to your practice atmosphere for individuals seeking a new dentist. At Roya.com, we recognize the practical significance of this digital introduction. Here is our guide on effectively converting clicks into smiles with innovative technology and dental website design.

Crafting a Digital First Impression

Your website acts as the front door to your dental practice in the online world. Similar to a welcoming smile in person, an inviting and aesthetically pleasing website can create an immediate positive impression. Our design philosophy at Roya.com revolves around crafting websites that not only showcase professionalism and expertise but also radiate warmth and approachability.

Ensuring Seamless Navigation

Just as a smooth dental procedure minimizes stress for the patient, a well-organized and easy-to-navigate website reduces frustration for online visitors. Our guide explores the importance of intuitive navigation, ensuring that potential patients can effortlessly find the information they seek, leading to a stress-free and enjoyable browsing experience.


SEO Strategies for Enhanced Visibility

A beautiful website is only effective if it can be found at the top of search results. Roya.com's expertise extends beyond design—we're also masters of search engine optimization (SEO). Discover how our SEO strategies can elevate your dental practice's online visibility, driving more clicks and, ultimately, more smiles.

Showcasing Your Practice's Personality

Every dental practice is unique, and your website should reflect that individuality. Our guide delves into the ways Roya.com personalizes dental websites, infusing them with the character and personality of each practice. From engaging content to personalized imagery, we believe in making your online presence as distinctive as your in-person approach.

Responsive Design for a Seamless User Experience

Just as a dental professional adapts to the unique needs of each patient, a website should adapt to the diverse devices used by visitors. Roya.com's commitment to responsive design ensures that your website provides a seamless and enjoyable experience, whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Converting Clicks Into Appointments

Ultimately, the goal of your dental website is not just to generate clicks but to convert those clicks into real smiles in your dental chair. Roya.com's guide explores effective calls-to-action, appointment scheduling integrations, and strategies to turn online interest into tangible appointments.

Conclusion: Bridging the Virtual and Physical Experience

At Roya.com, we believe in the transformative power of a well-designed dental website. By converting clicks into smiles, we create a bridge between the virtual and physical experience, setting the stage for positive patient relationships. Explore our comprehensive guide to dental website design, and let's embark on a journey to make your online presence as inviting and comforting as your dental practice.

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How to Increase Your Optical Sales in 2024: Digital Marketing Strategies


With the year coming to a close, it’s time for eye care professionals to evaluate their optical sales and strategize for the new year. How will your practice boost optical sales in 2024? In this blog post, we'll explore effective digital marketing strategies tailored for the optical industry, brought to you by Roya.com, experts in custom website design and digital marketing solutions.

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines (SEO)

If you haven’t heard about SEO by now, you’re falling way behind the competition. A search engine-optimized website is crucial for attracting website traffic organically. Ensure that your site is search engine-friendly by incorporating relevant keywords, creating quality content, and improving website speed. Roya.com specializes in custom website design, ensuring that your site not only looks visually appealing but also performs well in search engine rankings.

Social Media Marketing

Connect with your audience through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Share visually appealing content, such as images of new eyewear collections, behind-the-scenes glimpses of your practice, and eye care tips. Roya.com's digital marketing solutions can help you craft an effective social media strategy, increasing brand awareness and engagement.

Promotional Offers on Eyewear

Entice your customers with exclusive promotional offers on eyewear. Whether it's a limited-time discount, a buy-one-get-one-free deal, or a special package for comprehensive eye care, promotions create a sense of urgency and value for your customers. Craft compelling marketing campaigns around these promotions and share them through email newsletters and social media platforms. Roya.com can assist in designing visually captivating promotional materials that showcase your eyewear 

Implement Optify Virtual Try-On Technology

Stay at the forefront of technological innovation by integrating Optify's virtual try-on technology into your practice's website. With Optify, customers can virtually try on your eyewear inventory from the comfort of their homes, enhancing their online shopping experience. This cutting-edge technology not only sets your practice apart but also reduces the uncertainty associated with purchasing eyewear online. Roya.com, in partnership with Optify, can seamlessly integrate this technology into your website, providing a unique and engaging way for customers to explore your eyewear collection before making a purchase.

Utilize Google Ads

Invest in Google Ads to boost your visibility and reach potential customers actively searching for optical services. Roya.com can create targeted ad campaigns, ensuring your ads are seen by the right audience at the right time.

In conclusion, the key to increasing optical sales in 2024 is a comprehensive and strategic approach to digital marketing. Roya.com, with its expertise in custom website design and digital marketing solutions, can be your partner in implementing these strategies and driving tangible results for your eye care practice. Embrace the digital era, stay ahead of the competition, and watch your optical sales soar in 2024.


Content Is King: How Can You Rank Higher On Google?


In the world of digital marketing, we often use the phrase "Content Is King.” As Google continues to refine its algorithms, the significance of well-crafted, SEO-optimized content cannot be overstated. In this blog post, we’ll explain the importance of SEO content for small businesses and explore strategies to climb the rankings to achieve higher visibility on Google.

Leveling the Playing Field

Small businesses have to compete for traffic against industry giants. However, SEO-optimized content acts as an equalizer. By understanding and implementing effective SEO strategies, small businesses can compete on the same digital stage, reaching their target audience and even outperforming larger competitors in search engine rankings.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Small businesses typically operate on tighter budgets than their larger counterparts. Investing in SEO-optimized content provides a cost-effective marketing solution. Unlike traditional advertising methods that can be expensive and yield uncertain results, creating valuable content that aligns with SEO best practices is a sustainable and budget-friendly way to enhance online visibility.

Niche Marketing

Small businesses often cater to specific niche markets. SEO content allows them to precisely target and reach their ideal audience. By conducting thorough keyword research, understanding the language of their niche, and producing content that resonates with their target demographic, small businesses can attract and retain customers who are genuinely interested in their products or services.

Building Trust and Credibility

Establishing trust and credibility is crucial for the success of any business, especially smaller ones trying to gain a foothold. SEO-optimized content, when well-crafted and informative, positions small businesses as authorities in their field. Appearing on the first page of Google search results instills confidence in potential customers, fostering trust and credibility that can lead to long-term relationships.

Local SEO for Local Impact

For many small businesses, success begins at the local level. Local SEO ensures that your business appears in local search results, reaching nearby customers actively searching for products or services you offer. Optimize your content with local keywords, create a Google My Business profile, and encourage customer reviews to boost your visibility within your community.



Small businesses can carve out their niche and thrive by recognizing the significance of SEO content. As Google's algorithms evolve, the importance of informative and engaging content remains constant. By tailoring your content to your audience, optimizing for local search, telling compelling stories, and strategically integrating keywords, your small business can climb the rankings to the top of Google. For internet marketing, where content is king, your small business needs SEO content to compete.


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The New Business Card for Independent ECP’s: How Digital Marketing Strategy Can Transform Your Eye Care Practice


In the rapidly advancing digital era, having a strong online marketing strategy is essential for the success of any business, especially eye care practices. A well-crafted digital marketing strategy can significantly impact how your practice is perceived, how you connect with potential patients, and ultimately, how your practice acquires new patients. In this blog, we’ll explore how a tailored digital marketing strategy can take your practice to new heights.

The Advantage of a Personal Touch: Working with an Individual Marketing Consultant

Deciding how to structure your marketing efforts is crucial. One option is hiring a full-time marketing employee (national average cost is $ 109,000), another is partnering with a large consulting firm, and then there's the often-overlooked gem—the individual 1:1 business strategist and marketing consultant. Working with an individual business strategist/marketing consultant offers a personalized touch that might be challenging to attain with a full-time employee or a large consulting firm. These independent professionals bring a wealth of experience and expertise, often gained from working across various industries. They can provide tailored strategies for your eye care practice's unique needs, budget, and goals. The direct and focused communication that comes with working closely with an individual consultant ensures a more agile and adaptable approach, fine-tuned to your practice's evolving requirements. Additionally, without the overhead costs associated with hiring a full-time employee or engaging a large consulting firm, working with an individual business strategy consultant often presents a cost-effective solution for achieving your marketing objectives. 

Collaborating with Your Personal Business Strategist

Once you've decided to engage an individual business strategy/marketing consultant for your eye care practice, establishing a collaborative and effective working relationship is key. Open communication and mutual understanding are the cornerstones of a successful partnership. Begin by articulating your practice's goals, expectations, and budget constraints. Your business strategist will likely conduct an in-depth analysis of your current marketing efforts and audience demographics. They'll then conduct a “fact-finding session” of your practice and devise a customized strategy aligned with your objectives, incorporating various digital marketing tactics. Regular progress meetings and performance reviews will help track the strategy's effectiveness and allow for adjustments as needed. Encourage a free flow of ideas and feedback, and trust their expertise. A harmonious collaboration, where your vision for the practice meets their strategic insights, will produce optimal results for your eye care business.

Building a Strong Brand Identity with the Proper Tools 

A key element of digital marketing is crafting a consistent and appealing brand identity. Your brand should convey the values, expertise, and unique qualities of your eye care practice. This includes creating a memorable logo, selecting a cohesive color scheme, and defining a clear brand voice that resonates with your target audience.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Social media has become an integral part of people's lives. Establishing an active and engaging presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn allows you to connect with a broader audience. Share educational content, eye care tips, success stories, and updates about your practice to keep your followers informed and engaged.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website for search engines is crucial to ensure it ranks well in search results when potential patients are looking for eye care services. Incorporate relevant keywords, create high-quality content, and focus on local SEO to attract visitors to your area. The goal is to increase visibility and drive more organic traffic to your website.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising, such as Google Ads, allows you to reach potential patients at the precise moment they're searching for eye care services. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad, making it a cost-effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Tailor your ads to specific services, locations, and demographics to maximize their effectiveness.

Email Marketing and Promotional Programs for Patient Engagement

Building an email list of patients and interested individuals enables you to nurture relationships and foster patient engagement. Send out regular newsletters with updates, educational content, promotions, and appointment reminders. Personalize the emails to ensure they resonate with each recipient.

Online Reviews and Reputation Management

Positive online reviews can significantly impact the reputation of your eye care practice. Encourage satisfied patients to leave reviews on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and Healthgrades. Respond to reviews promptly and professionally, showcasing your dedication to patient satisfaction and care.

Regular Analysis and Optimization

Track the performance of your digital marketing efforts using analytics tools. Monitor website traffic, conversion rates, social media engagement, and the success of advertising campaigns. Use this data to refine your strategy and make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Embracing a visionary web presence through a well-planned digital marketing strategy can revolutionize your eye care practice. It's an investment that not only expands your reach but also nurtures lasting relationships with patients. By leveraging the power of digital platforms, you can position your practice as a leader in eye care, ultimately leading to growth, enhanced patient satisfaction, and a brighter future for your practice. Stay focused, and let your digital presence pave the way for a clearer vision of success. 

Roya cares about the success of your practice even after your website is launched. We have partnered with Eye 2 Eye Development's customized services to help further your future practice success. We build unique websites because every practice is unique and Eye 2 Eye's customized strategies will maximize your unique success.


Social Media Content Marketing: 10 Ideas For Your Veterinary Clinic


Social media is an essential tool for connecting and establishing trust with pet owners. Of course, pet owners are looking for the best possible veterinary care. However, they are also looking for veterinarians who understand that pets are family. Social media content that showcases your clinic’s love and care for pets can separate your practice from the competition. Here are 10 social media content marketing ideas tailored for a veterinary practice.


Pet of the Week or Month


Feature a new pet patient every week or month to demonstrate your practice’s commitment and love for individual pet patients. Share their story, treatment, and progress. Also, consider including before-and-after pictures for added impact.


Pet Health Tips


Share helpful tips on pet health, nutrition, exercise, grooming, and preventive care to educate and engage your audience.


Video Tutorials and Demonstrations


Create short videos demonstrating how to perform basic pet care tasks, like administering medication, grooming, or at-home pet injury care.


Behind-the-Scenes Stories


Give pet owners insight into your veterinary practice culture with behind-the-scenes photos or videos showcasing your team, facilities, and daily atmosphere.


Customer Testimonials


Share heartfelt testimonials from satisfied pet owners, highlighting their positive experiences with your veterinary practice.


Live Webinar or Facebook Q&A Sessions


Host live Q&A sessions on social media or webinars, where veterinarians can answer questions and provide advice to pet owners


Social Media Contests


Hold seasonal contests for pet photos or stories on social media to engage with your audience. This encourages participation and demonstrates a culture of community that will make pet owners feel more comfortable. Also, user-generated content will help to boost your overall social media presence!


Community Involvement Stories


Share stories of your practice's involvement in the community, such as sponsoring local pet events or providing free health check-ups for shelter pets.




Design visually appealing infographics about pet care, vaccination schedules, common diseases, or nutritional guidelines to complicated information easy to understand for the average pet owner.


Funny & Cute Pet Content


Share funny or heartwarming pet videos, memes, and gifs to make people smile. This will make your practice relatable and approachable to a wider and younger audience. Not to mention, really funny pet content has the potential to go viral and could bring a huge boost to your online visibility. 


When it comes to social media marketing, engagement, and consistency are key in building a larger audience. Remember to respond to comments, messages, and inquiries, while encouraging your followers to share their pet stories or ask questions. By creating a sense of community and providing valuable content, you can strengthen your practice's online presence and build valuable trust with pet owners. Still have questions or looking for more tips? Contact the team at roya.com!


6 Veterinary Website Design Strategies To Grow Your Practice


Your veterinary website acts as a digital storefront for your vet practice. Your website’s design, features, and user experience are pivotal to attracting potential new customers. If your website looks unprofessional or is difficult to navigate, people may assume that is a reflection of your practice or quality of care. With that in mind, here are six veterinary website design strategies to consider:


Showcase Your Team Culture

Pet owners expect veterinary practices to treat their pets like family. Highlighting your clinic's team culture on your website can set you apart from the competition. Showcase your dedicated and compassionate staff who love caring for pets. Tell stories about your team's commitment to pet care and the community. Transparency and authenticity in portraying your clinic's culture can resonate with pet owners seeking a warm and caring environment for their pets. A strong team culture can lead to increased client trust and practice growth.

Enable Online Appointment Booking


Online appointment booking is an incredible feature for user experience and veterinary practices. It makes the scheduling process convenient and hassle-free for both pet owners and the practice. Empowering pet owners with the ability to self-schedule appointments enhances the user experience and optimizes your staff’s efficiency. It lowers the volume of phone calls and reduces the risk of missed opportunities. Ultimately, online appointment booking can significantly boost your practice's growth and client retention.


Include Clear Calls to Action


Clear calls to action (CTAs) are the street signs that guide visitors on your website toward taking the desired actions. Whether it's scheduling an appointment, signing up for newsletters, or c your clinic, CTAs need to be prominent, concise, and compelling. These actionable prompts should be strategically placed throughout your website, ensuring that pet owners know exactly what to do next. Well-crafted CTAs can transform casual visitors into engaged clients, driving growth for your veterinary practice.


SEO Optimization


SEO optimization is essential to have your website rank well in search engine results, particularly Google. By strategically incorporating relevant keywords, optimizing meta tags, and following SEO best practices, you can increase the visibility of your veterinary practice online. Higher SEO visibility means new users are discovering your services through organic search traffic. This means more new potential customers. Investing in SEO optimization is a long-term strategy that can significantly contribute to the sustainable growth of your practice.


Helpful Content for Pet Owners

Providing valuable and informative content is not only a service to pet owners but also a powerful growth strategy for SEO. Create a blog or resources section on your website where you regularly publish articles, videos, and infographics related to veterinary care or common pet health issues. By sharing useful information, you position your practice as a trusted authority in the field. This can attract more new users to the website, boost loyalty among existing clients, and increase word-of-mouth referrals.


Ensure Accessibility

There are an estimated 500,000 service dogs in the US alone. That’s one reason why making your website accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities, is not only an ethical consideration but also a strategic one. An accessible website ensures that you reach a broader audience, including pet owners who may have disabilities or use assistive technologies to navigate the web. This includes using alt text for images, providing text transcripts for videos, and following web accessibility guidelines. By prioritizing accessibility, you can demonstrate thoughtfulness, compassion, and reputability, positively influencing potential clients' perceptions of your practice.


By implementing these strategies, you can create a veterinary website that not only looks appealing but also serves as a valuable resource for pet owners and helps your clinic attract and retain clients. Still have questions or looking for more tips? Contact the team at roya.com!


A+ Dental Websites: Design Tips for a Back-to-School Boost in Traffic


It's back-to-school season! This time of year, students and parents are looking for the right dentists to kick-start a successful and healthy school year. However, it's not just students who are gearing up for a fresh start. Dental practices should capitalize on the back-to-school season by revitalizing their website design and digital marketing campaigns to attract new patients. 


A dental website designed for usability and conversion is the key to standing out from the competition. In this article, we'll share some essential design tips that can drive a significant boost in website traffic just in time for the back-to-school rush.


1. User Experience and Appointment Booking


Your website's user experience (UX) is directly responsible for keeping users on your site and converting them into patients. It's essential to make navigation simple and intuitive; ensuring that visitors can easily find the information they're looking for. Specifically, make sure the appointment booking process is seamless by incorporating a simple form or direct online scheduling features. 

Provide a user-friendly interface where visitors can easily select their preferred date and time for appointments. This convenience can encourage more visitors to complete the scheduling process. Don't forget to incorporate clear calls-to-action (CTAs) that guide visitors towards taking the desired actions, such as booking appointments or subscribing to your newsletter.


2. Engaging Images


When a potential patient visits your website, they're visiting your digital storefront. Dental websites should use high-quality images that tell the story of your practice. Utilize high-quality images that showcase your dental practice, team, and facilities. Before-and-after photos of dental procedures can help potential patients visualize the transformative results they can achieve, further instilling confidence in your services and your practice.


3. Educational Content


In the spirit of the back-to-school season, market your dental practice as an authority by adding educational content onto your website. Create blog posts, articles, or videos that address common oral health concerns, proper dental hygiene, and the benefits of various dental procedures. Not only does this engage visitors, but it also establishes your practice as a trusted source of information to potential patients and to search engines!


4. Social Proof


Positive reviews from satisfied patients are the most powerful tool for building trust through your online presence. Make sure to feature patient testimonials and reviews prominently on your website. Also, consider including materials highlighting specific services with happy outcomes, like personal success stories and before-and-after procedure photos. Social proof directly influences potential patients' decisions and encourages them to choose your practice.


5. Local SEO Optimization


Local search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for dental practices targeting a specific geographic area. To appear on Google Maps, create and verify a Google Business Profile and maintain accurate business information, including your business name, address, phone number, services offered, and business hours. Next, optimize your website for popular local keywords, such as "dentist [city name]," to ensure your practice appears in local search results for relevant searches.


6. Page Speed and Performance


A slow-loading website will drive visitors away before they even see your content. Make sure your website's pages load quickly by optimizing images, using browser caching, and minimizing unnecessary plugins. Page speed not only improves user experience but also contributes to better search engine rankings.




With the back-to-school season in full swing, it's the perfect time for dental practices to evaluate and enhance their online presence. Remember that your website is your digital storefront. Your website should reflect all the services you provide and detail your experience and quality of patient care. Utilizing these design tips will help you create an A+ dental website, attracting more user traffic and booking more patient appointments. 


10 Innovative Ways To Promote Your Eye Care Practice


A successful eye care practice provides top-notch services and invests in patient care. However, the most successful eye care professionals ensure that their practice is visible and accessible to potential new patients. With our world now revolving around the digital space, promoting your eye care practice effectively requires a strategic online presence. 


Do you want to increase the number of eye exams booked or get more appointments for specialty services like dry eye treatment, myopia management, eye emergencies, etc? If the answer is yes, you’ll need an online presence that reflects the best of your eye care practice. Potential new patients will browse websites looking for a practice that looks trustworthy, professional, and well-reviewed. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an expert to achieve your digital marketing goals. Let’s look at 10 powerful marketing tips for optometrists to consider:


1. Digital Audit

Evaluate your starting point with a digital audit. Updating or enhancing your marketing strategy doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger budget, but it does mean evaluating your existing budget and tools to evaluate data-driven decisions on where to invest more, where to pull back, and where you have an unused budget to explore new marketing channels. You should run a comprehensive digital audit to summarize how you’re ranking, and how your website is performing, and identify areas of improvement. There are dozens of free tools to provide you with website audits, ranking audits, or local ranking scores, while on our site you can enter your website here and our team will provide you with a comprehensive PDF outlining your website and digital marketing score and tips for improvement.


2. Website Design


Review your website design for usability and optimization opportunities. Beyond the structural optimizations that may be outlined as part of a digital audit, reviewing your website design carries equal importance. Does your website design reflect your brand and clearly communicate who you are and what you do? Does it do a good job of setting you apart from your competition in the area? Do you have photos of your office or team and does it look personalized to you? You only have a few seconds to capture a user's attention so your website needs to both visually tell users who you are but also maintain a polished design that is aesthetically pleasing to hold their attention.


3. SEO Content

Determine SEO content strategy, including blogging. When was the last time you updated your website content? Regular content updates are important to your overall SEO strategy. Google wants to see that your website is routinely updated, as that is the trigger for Google to continue to crawl your website, which is important if you want to show up in competitive Google searches. Blogging is one of the best ways to frequently add new content to your website because it can be done in the form of new web pages, and you have the flexibility to draft content on any topic. You don’t have to be a scholarly author to draft blog content for your website. We hear that sometimes people are nervous about the undertaking, but when creating your content strategy select topics that lend themselves to what you want to show in searches for, but more importantly what you feel confident writing about. Blogs don’t need to be overly long, generally, about 500 words is a good length.


4. Video Content Strategy


Outline a video content strategy with YouTube, Social Media, or both! Create a content calendar outlining what videos you'll produce and when. Ensure a mix of informative, entertaining, and promotional content. Here are some ideas for video content: 

  • Educational Videos: Explain common eye conditions, provide tips for maintaining eye health, and offer guidance on contact lens care or choosing the right eyewear. 

  • Procedure Walkthroughs: Showcasing various eye care procedures like eye exams, contact lens fittings or LASIK surgery can build trust in the process and address patient concerns. 

  • Q&A Sessions: Address frequently asked questions from patients in video format. This personalizes your interaction and establishes your expertise. 

  • Patient Testimonials: Showcase patient success stories to build trust and demonstrate the positive impact of your services.

Before filming, remember to plan your script, visuals, and any necessary props or equipment. High-quality production values reflect positively on your practice's professionalism.


5. Google Business Profile Posts

Utilizing Google Business Profile Posts is an excellent way to engage with your local audience and keep them informed about your practice. Regularly posting updates, announcements, special offers, and informative content can help establish a strong online presence in your local market. These posts appear directly in Google search results and on Google Maps, making it easy for potential patients to discover your practice.


6. Generate Reviews

Positive reviews significantly impact a potential patient's decision-making process. Encourage your satisfied patients to leave reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Healthgrades. Responding to reviews, whether positive or negative, shows that you value patient feedback and are committed to providing excellent care.


7. Directory Listings


Make sure your eye care practice is listed in relevant online directories, such as local business directories and healthcare-specific platforms. This improves your practice's visibility and helps potential patients find you more easily when searching for eye care services in their area.


8. Google Business Profile Products


If your eye care practice offers a range of eyewear, contact lenses, or other products, utilize Google Business Profile's product listings feature. Showcase your products with high-quality images, descriptions, and prices. This feature can drive more traffic to your practice and encourage potential patients to explore the products you offer.


9. Newsletter / Emails

Building an email list allows you to maintain direct communication with your patients. Send out regular newsletters that provide valuable eye care tips, updates about your practice, and exclusive promotions. This keeps your patients engaged and informed, fostering a sense of loyalty and trust.


10. Google Ads Campaigns


Investing in Google Ads campaigns can put your eye care practice at the forefront of search engine results. Target relevant keywords and create unique ad copy that highlights your practice's best selling points. This strategy will drive targeted traffic to your website or Google Business Profile, increasing appointment bookings.


Incorporating these strategies into your eye care practice's marketing plan will greatly enhance your online visibility and attract the attention of more new patients browsing the internet. Remember that consistency is king – regularly updating your online profiles, engaging with patients, and optimizing your marketing strategies will yield long-term benefits for your practice's growth. 


The Importance Of Testimonials & Social Proof


Testimonials or client reviews are powerful tools to help instill credibility and trust with prospective clients. Users researching a new business will look to the feedback of others in hopes that their experience can help them decide if your business is the best place to schedule an appointment for them or their family. 


Reviews Can Help Legitimize Your Brand

People tend to trust what other people say about a business more than what the business says about themselves, so website reviews, google reviews, social media reviews, etc. play a significant role in building confidence in your brand. Platforms like Google, Yelp and Amazon do their due diligence to ensure reviews that are posted are legitimate client reviews, bringing more value to the reviews posted there as legitimate and trustworthy. Even having business profiles for reviews helps build confidence with consumers that your business is established and responding to reviews that have been posted provides a personal touch to help reinforce the exemplary customer service and customer experience users can expect with your business.

Social Proof

Have you ever been persuaded to buy something or try something new from an influencer or celebrity on social media? If you have, you’ve allowed Social Proof to influence your buying behavior, which basically means that seeing someone else do something helped validate your decision to do something similar. Social proof could be even considered written or video examples of someone in your business or a business you’re researching and validating a potential desire or decision to shop with there too because of a positive experience or product they are sharing. Social proof on social media marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years to the point instead of just asking someone to leave you a review, asking someone to share a review on their social media channels could reach a wider audience and carry more weight depending on the person(s) sharing their story and the following they have.


Reviews Impact SEO

Not only can reviews help users that are researching your business feel more confident in their decision to work with you because of the positive feedback they see online, reviews can also help your business rank better online and show up in more google searches to reach more potential users. Google evaluates the frequency, score and diversity of reviews as ranking signals for local search and increases in the number of reviews, review score and the number of platforms you’re getting reviews on could trigger your google business profile to show for more searches or to show higher on the local map pack. 


Generating reviews can be free, and can provide multiple advantages for your business. Promote the channels that your clients can provide feedback in your office, so when they are leaving and their experience is top of mind, they have easy access to post a review and share their experience. If you send any emails or newsletters to your clients, include a link or links to your review platforms encouraging your loyal clients to leave you a review. You can also post on social media prompting your followers to rate and review your business there. Reviews are valuable to your business, as you plan out your marketing and content calendars, keep testimonial content and client requests for reviews on your roadmap, and watch how it positively impacts your online presence and brand recognition. 


Top 7 Marketing Trends for Chiropractors For 2023


Are you working on your marketing budget and plans for next year and want to ensure you’re keeping up with the chiropractic industry trends? Read through our list of top marketing trends for chiropractors for 2023.


1. Search Engine Optimization For Chiropractors


Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is one of the oldest digital marketing channels, and still one of the strongest. With more mobile users searching for local businesses than ever before, it plays an important role in your new patient acquisition and overall visibility. Ensure your website is fully optimized with not just the basic title tags and meta descriptions, but also schema tags, H-tags, image alt tags, and an xml sitemap. With Google’s algorithm becoming more and more sophisticated, these backend optimizations play a key role in how you show up on google search. No longer are you just looking to ‘show at the top of google’ now the goal is to also rank in the FAQ section, have your images display in the search results, display as a featured snippet at the very top of the page, and so much more. Once your chiropractic website has been reviewed and fully optimized, create a plan to keep it up to date with new content, ideally monthly to ensure google sees your website evolving and continues to crawl it as an authority for updates.

2. Chiropractic Directory Listings


Directory listings like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Local, Foursquare, etc. are number two on the list because they tie into SEO and contribute to local SEO ranking. Having consistency in your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) score helps contribute to your overall authority and ranking for local search, especially for the highly competitive ‘near me’ searches and gaining visibility in the map pack on google search results pages. Most directory listings are free to create, verify or claim and the more high authority citations or directories you provision, the better for building credibility, link juice and overall local SEO visibility. However, beware for services that promise hundreds of links or profiles created for you; that type of large scale increase could be a red flag for black hat tactics or even if the links are good, may prompt warning signs for such a big increase in links to your website all at once. 

3. Strong Website, Find The Best Website Design For Chiropractors


Your website impacts so much of your marketing strategy. It impacts your Google search visibility, user engagement, conversion rate, new patient reach and referrals. If your website is not user friendly, does not load quickly and does not convey who you are or your values, you’re losing customers and in turn, revenue. Your website has merely seconds to capture a user's interest, if they do not engage, they bounce to the next website in the search results. In 2023, it is imperative that you not only focus on your website, work with someone who specializes in chiropractic website design and can provide insights into industry trends and best practices for performance. Utilizing analytics to structure your website with the information your users are most interested in first, or with quick links in the navigation bar can help improve your user experience and conversion rate. Look for examples of your peers to get ideas of both designs and companies you like, and don’t be afraid to make a switch! We see a lot that chiropractors are busy and apprehensive to make a move with their website because they worry it will mean more work or more of a cost commitment to them, but it doesn’t have to be! Work with a professional team and a professionally supported platform to advise you on recommendations to improve your existing website structure or revamp the design if needed, and just because it is new doesn’t necessarily have to mean it is more money. 

4. Virtual Visits: Telehealth for Chiropractors


Over the last few years, there has been an increase in virtual visits. Even post COVID, many have opted to continue with virtual appointments to offer flexibility and convenience to their patients. Of course, there are limitations to what services and treatments can be provided virtually, but many have found that initial consultations for example are just as effective and mutually beneficial and convenient for both parties. There are several low cost or no cost Telehealth or Telemedicine apps and platforms available to chiropractors. At Roya.com, we recommend our CanvasLive feature, since it’s basic functionality is included with all of our packages, offering a free solution to all of our clients. It is secure, requires no third party app downloads and is branded to you, so it provides a seamless user experience for your patients. Offering virtual visits to your patients may allow you to support patients that otherwise may have a difficult time scheduling appointments due to scheduling conflicts, and offers a new opportunity without necessarily a new investment for your practice.

5. Social Media


Social media is changing but it isn’t going away! With over 3 billion users on Meta’s platforms alone, it remains as a top channel consuming a majority of user’s screentime, and as such not an opportunity to be ignored. There is no budget required to create social media profiles or posting content on them. When creating the content for your social media channels, you want to both create original content that reflects your brand and your unique business, but also is intriguing and likely to catch the interest of the average scrolling social media user that may not be the most captive audience. You want to also aim to post frequently, so that new followers stay engaged with your page as a source of fresh content. 

6. Reels

Reels fall under the social media umbrella, but this form of video content is prioritized on the explore page and creating more video content makes you more likely to trend on social media and get in front of more new followers. Reels content can be easy to create and edit, but even taking simple videos with no editing can allow you to show or talk about office events, new treatments or services, specials, fun facts and so much more! Looking ahead to 2023, be in the group cutting edge chiropractors expanding their business and website traffic through social media traffic, but more specifically Instagram Reels traffic. 

7. Pay Per Click Ads


Pay per click ads, or google ads still remain as one of the highest converting channels. Although there are hard costs associated with this advertising, since you are paying for every click you get on your google ads campaigns, given you have an effective campaign setup, you’re getting in front of an audience or set of users that is most likely to buy or book because they are actively searching for what you are promoting. If you’re looking to start a google ads campaign or revisit an a campaign, brush up on all of the new features within Google ads. Google ads doesn’t update as frequently as Google’s search algorithm, but they do release new features at least quarterly and you should be aware of all of the features available to ensure you have the strongest possible campaign running, to assist with lowering your Cost Per Click, increase your Quality Score, and allow you to maximize your budget. If you’re not well versed in Google Ads, consider working with a team or individual that is experienced, and potentially a Google Partner, to ensure you are set up for success.


The end of the year is fast approaching and now is the best time to plan your marketing strategies for the year ahead. You will want to be agile with your plans as changes with the market, technology and your competition could require you to make changes to your plans, but evaluating these trends for the next year should help you take a step forward for a prosperous 2023. Still have questions about your chiropractic marketing strategy, contact us here or schedule a demo here to speak with our team of experts and discuss your custom strategy today!


How To Make Your Ad Copy POP


Creating compelling ad copy can be grueling. The majority of users spend just seconds scanning google search results before clicking on a link or trying another search; so creating ad copy that catches their attention and is enticing enough to click can be challenging. The good news is you have help! We’ve outlined a few simple steps to revamp your ad copy so that it is more engaging and enticing to click.


Create ad headlines that stand out and grab attention


What is unique about your business or service? What offer do you have that stands out from your competition? Although there are character count limitations to take into consideration, your primary goal should be to lead with the most convincing offer or selling points about your business. Use keywords in your headlines or ad copy that differentiate you from the competition and include what makes you the best.


Make an emotional plea or invoke emotion with your ad copy


In the majority of cases, emotion plays a larger role in decision making than logic. Marketers that can appeal to consumers' emotions have an opportunity to persuade and influence their buying behavior. When crafting ad copy, personalize your messaging to put an emphasis on the consumer with ‘you’ and ‘your’. You should also identify how you can bring value to your consumers and make an impact in their lives. Are you alleviating a pain point, relieving stress or solving a problem? Call it out and draw attention to how you are going to make them feel after their decision to work with you and the positive change that will make.


Don’t forget the call to action (CTA)


To finalize an ad to maximize conversions, don’t forget an attractive call to action. Create copy that imposes a sense of urgency, identify that this is time sensitive and provokes immediate action (limited time offer, expiring soon, only 2 left, etc). The CTA should also be concise and specific and clearly outline the behavior you’d like your user to take (call now, fill a form, etc.). The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you’re encouraging a user to take your desired action, and now, so use your valuable character count space as a way to strongly motivate them. Inform them that clicking or taking action now is imperative to what they should want to accomplish.


When drafting your ad copy, keep your audience in mind and try to convey how your product or service is going to benefit their needs, solve a problem or provide added value to them. You want your ad to stand out from your competitors, and take up more visual space so take advantage of the real estate available to use any image space, link extensions or other features that may make your ad larger in size and power with all of its features. Your messaging is a key factor in both attracting the right audience and getting them to convert. Once you have your desired ad copy in place, test it, track it, and don’t be afraid to make changes if it isn’t working. Fine tuning ad copy, keywords, landing pages and campaigns as a whole should be an ongoing process. Utilize tracking tools like google analytics, it empowers you to make effective edits that are truly data driven. Still have questions or want a complementary audit of your marketing services? Visit roya.com/demo and enter your website domain to get a comprehensive website and digital strategy audit today.


5 Free Digital Marketing Tips


Most business owners agree that marketing is essential to the growth of a business, but many struggle with digital marketing decisions. Two of the concepts decision-makers wrestle with are what channels or campaigns to start with and how much is it going to cost.

To help make some of these decisions a little easier, we’ve outlined 5 digital marketing tips to either get started or revamp your marketing strategy including:

  • Social Media Posts

  • Creating Email Lists

  • Blog Content

  • Google Business Profile Photos & Posts

  • Build Reviews

 And the best part is, they are all either free or have a minimal cost associated with them!


1. Social Media Posts


Creating social media channels and posting on social media are completely free. Meta has reported 3.65 billion users across their core products including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. With the average American spending more than 2 hours on social media daily, this is a big opportunity for business owners to get in front of potential new customers. Not only does it benefit you from a social media perspective to create and maintain social media profiles, your business can also benefit in terms of Search Engine Optimization, contributing towards the strength of your brand, domain authority and playing a part in search engine visibility. 


Social media posts offer a variety of benefits to your business. This provides a platform for you to share updates about your business, promotions, new technology, seasonal services and so much more. Creating content can be easy and doesn’t have to be time consuming. The first step should be identifying your goals and target audience. You can use this to create a content calendar outlining what and how frequently you post. If you’re looking to increase your followers and reach a wider audience, it is recommended to post at least 3 times a week. If you choose to apply a boost or ad budget to your posts the frequency is not as important, but if you’re solely relying on organic visibility frequency and creativity will be key.


You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create social media content. Snapping photos in the office and utilizing any partner portals with assets is a great starting point. There are plenty of social media content creation tools like Canva, Canvas Studio, Crello, etc that can help you design creative and professional looking content without investing a lot of time or money. In some cases these platforms can be free or offer a free trial to test the tools before signing up.

2. Creating Email Lists, Include CTAs


Email marketing can also be an effective way to stay top of mind with existing clients or potential clients that have shown interest in your business. Creating and maintaining audience or campaign lists for email communications like newsletters, new product or service announcements, promotions, etc. can help you maintain both brand awareness with your customer groups as they frequently hear from you, and help increase opportunities for conversions with dynamic call to actions in your email prompting customers to take action by potentially claiming a special offer, scheduling an appointment or registering for an event. 


Depending on your audience or list size, sending emails could be free. If you’re looking for advanced audience or workflow management, you may want to consider investing in a paid marketing automation platform; But, if you’re just starting out, using your existing email workspace or free accounts can serve as a trial!

3. Blog Content


Content is still one of the biggest contributors to SEO ranking. With that, updating your website with custom content regularly is one of the most frequent recommendations for your SEO strategy. For some, the thought of drafting a blog alone can be daunting, add in the thought of how to tie the content into a larger SEO strategy and many will give up before they even start. But, keep in mind, Google wants content to be written for your users, not Google bots. So when outlining or writing your blog content, keep it simple. Don’t try to overuse keywords or think about what you think Google wants, just write content that is informative and original. There is no magic formula for creating the perfect SEO-rich content, but sticking with what you know, being creative and answering frequently asked questions is a great starting point.


When you start blogging, you should have an idea as to how often you will publish content. Search engines do like to see frequent updates, but even as little as once a month can add value to your digital strategy. If you have the capacity to post twice a month or once a week, even better! It may be tempting to outsource content creation, but if it seems too good to be true, it could be. You want content that is created by an individual, not a machine. Utilizing a computer program generates content with a series of keywords you provide could actually harm your SEO ranking. There are plenty of bloggers that could positively contribute to your SEO strategy, but do your due diligence before working with someone new for content creation if you are not creating the content yourself.

4. Google Business Profile Photos & Posts

Local SEO has become increasingly important for small businesses as ‘near me’ and other local searches have surged in recent years. Having a verified, optimized and regularly managed Google Business Profile is essential for your business. If you already have a page, ensure it is completely up to date with categories, services, hours of operation, website and appointment links and photos of your business. Google can accept user suggestions so regularly checking your profile for accuracy is important. Potential patients could be turned off and turned away if your hours are not correct or services are incorrect.  Simply having a profile is important, but optimizing and regularly updating your profile is required if you want it to rank higher and show for more searches.


Google also rewards businesses that are active with your profile, so uploading new photos, responding to reviews and creating posts to your profile can help improve your visibility, and these actions are all free! 


You could create Google ads that show on Google Maps, ensuring your profile has top placement, but if you’re looking for free or low cost options, regularly posting new photos and creating posts for your page (even repurposing social media posts or website blog posts) add value to your Google Profile.


5. Build Reviews

Reviews build trust and help your business stand out from your competition. Not only do reviews help instill credibility with potential customers, your review rating, frequency and overall number of reviews can contribute to increased Google profile ranking. Encouraging customers to leave a review doesn’t require a campaign budget. You could simply create a flyer for your front desk encouraging a review so it is top of mind for patients that are checking out. Asking customers for reviews while their experience is fresh in their mind, increases the likelihood that they will submit their feedback. Sending out emails or text reminders in addition to asking in the office also increases the probability of customers sharing their feedback. 


Once you’ve implemented one or many of these marketing tips, tracking the results will be essential. Identifying what is working can help refine your strategy to potentially invest more into that channel and explore paid marketing options to further maximize that channel. Alternatively, if something isn’t working don’t give up. Explore why it isn’t working - is it something that you can A/B test and change or do you need to consult with an expert to reconfigure the campaign to make it more viable? 


While these are all tips that can help your marketing efforts with little to no campaign budget, some of them may not have immediate results and are part of a longer term strategy. If you’d like to explore other campaigns that could have more of an immediate impact on visibility or conversions or just have questions about the tips outlined above, visit roya.com/demo and schedule a free consultation to discuss your online strategy!


Roya.com Awarded Coveted Spot On Inc Magazines Best Workplaces for 2022


Roya.com, a leading Software as a Service provider of digital marketing and content management platforms, has been named as one of the winners of Inc. Magazine’s annual list of Best Workplaces. This year, only 475 businesses nationwide were named on the selective list out of the thousands that were evaluated. To earn this recognition, anonymous surveys were conducted; additionally, the company complied with a comprehensive and rigorous benefits audit. This prestigious recognition displays the continuous commitment of Roya.com in creating an inclusive, growth oriented, and creative company culture that offers employees professional growth opportunities, comprehensive benefits plans, ever expanding perks and more.


Since its inception, Roya.com identified teamwork and inclusiveness as core values, putting an emphasis on the creativity that arises from employees of different backgrounds in a collaborative environment. Roya.com not only remains focused on the constant evolution of its proprietary Canvas® Platform and best in class services to thousands of clients nationwide, it equally remains focused on company culture and employee development.  “It is no secret that our strength lies in our talented people! The inclusive culture of Roya has helped us attract some of the finest and most talented team members that drive the company forward, even in the darkest of times as we experienced during the Covid era. I am excited to see the continued growth powered by such talent.”, said Mo Ranji, CEO and founder of Roya.com. We are celebrating a double honor, Roya.com was also named a winner in the Established Excellence category.


The recent challenges imposed by the pandemic ranging from remote work, everchanging mandates, market uncertainty and more have not adversely affected Roya.com’s culture of productivity; instead, Roya.com has been agile and quick to adapt to market demands. 


Roya.com has created an inclusive environment that celebrates every team member's feedback and contributions. The Roya.com management team is approachable and provides routine feedback so every team member feels valued and achievements are celebrated. As a result, Roya.com has been able to retain the most valuable employees during the great resignation and is proud to be recognized by those employees and Inc. Magazine as one of the best workplaces in America. 


About Roya.com and the Canvas® CMS Platform
Roya.com is a Software as a Service provider of digital marketing & content management platforms for SMB to Enterprise businesses across the nation. As one of the fastest growing companies in San Diego, CA, Roya.com has developed the proprietary Canvas® platform with a wide range of built-in features to transform digital marketing and bring cloud technologies to businesses of all sizes.


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The world’s most trusted business-media brand, Inc. offers entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools, connections, and community to build great companies. Its award-winning multiplatform content reaches more than 50 million people each month across a variety of channels including websites, newsletters, social media, podcasts, and print. Its prestigious Inc. 5000 list, produced every year since 1982, analyzes company data to recognize the fastest-growing privately held businesses in the United States. The global recognition that comes with inclusion in the 5000 gives the founders of the best businesses an opportunity to engage with an exclusive community of their peers, and the credibility that helps them drive sales and recruit talent. The associated Inc. 5000 Conference is part of a highly acclaimed portfolio of bespoke events produced by Inc. For more information, visit www.inc.com.


Roya.com and Optify Announce Strategic Partnership


Roya.com, a leading SaaS provider of digital marketing and content management platforms, today announced a new collaboration with Optify, an optical eCommerce solution provider. Through Optify and Roya.com technology, private practices will be able to complement their Roya.com Canvas® powered website with their optical frame inventory, offering smooth transactions and seamless user experiences. Optify’s current and future clients will have access to Canvas® suite of industry leading marketing tools and platforms. 

Roya.com is continuously evolving their platforms and products to ensure their clients benefit from the most powerful digital strategies. Mallory Rostamijam, Director of Marketing at Roya.com states “Roya.com aims to only collaborate with those that share our drive to strengthen the eyecare industry technology and provide a superior user experience for consumers, Optify shares that passion and we’re looking forward to working together to achieve our mutual goals.” 

Acting as pioneers for bringing private optical businesses to the digital age, Optify integrates directly with practice EHRs to support a modern and professional eyecare eCommerce platform. Packaged features such as virtual try-on, pre-shop options, extensive frame inventory, and automated follow-ups for walk-outs and second pairs help traditional brick and mortar practices compete with large-scale industry retailers that are quickly winning out the market share. The result is a polished shopping experience that provides the tools consumers have come to expect from online optical without the hassle of building and managing numerous moving parts.

Optify sees Roya.com websites powered by the Canvas Platform as the best in their class and anticipates the integration will represent a great stride toward technological revolution in the eyecare industry.

“It’s a perfect match,” said Jenn Denham, Director of Growth Marketing at Optify “Roya is loved across the industry for its traffic and revenue generating websites and marketing tools. We are thrilled to be a strategic partner for optical eCommerce.”



About Roya.com and the Canvas® CMS Platform
Roya.com is a Software as a Service provider of digital marketing & content management platforms for SMB to Enterprise businesses across the nation. As one of the fastest growing companies in San Diego, CA, Roya.com has developed the proprietary Canvas® CMS platform with a wide range of built-in features to transform digital marketing and bring cloud technologies to businesses of all sizes.



About Optify

Optify is the industry leading omni-channel software solution made specifically for the optical industry to allow practices to sell inventory online, under their brand to increase revenue, and save time per patient. Powered with the industry’s largest database and powerful patient engagement marketing flows, practices nationwide are unlocking optical revenue from their patient relationships in-store and online ensuring they thrive in a digital age.


5 tips for supercharging your eyewear marketing strategy


There are plenty of reasons to want new patients. Looking for cash-pay business? Or newly out-of-network and growing? Or maybe you finally have the opportunity to focus on your dream niche? To find success in any of these endeavors eye care professionals need strong eyewear marketing strategies. 


Many ECPs contend: Why spend on marketing when my vision plan can do it for me? If you’re in-network then you’re already spending on marketing! The money that goes back to vision plans is money you could be spending on marketing to bring in more valuable cash-pay patients. It’s one reason why so many ECPs are dropping plans in favor of building their own independent vision. 


Patients that come in through marketing are more valuable; the revenue from a purchase goes straight to your practice rather than a vision plan. They’re also more loyal. If you get kicked off a vision plan panel because of oversaturation in the region, those patients won’t chase their in-network benefits. Or if their employer switches vision plans those patients are likely to stick with you regardless. They prefer your standard of care and the eyewear in your optical. 


So how do you supercharge your marketing strategy to sell more eyewear to more patients?


1. Optical branding: Building your shop’s story


It all starts with your brand story. What’s the unique value proposition that differentiates your optical and your practice from the competition? Corporate-owned opticals can’t offer patients the sort of experience, the breadth of selection or the quality of care that independent opticals do. So how can you differentiate from online or corporate competition and highlight the unique experiences at your optical?


The story is the seed that grows your eyewear marketing strategy

Your entire eye care marketing strategy grows from the seed that is your practice story. Specializing in sports vision? Your marketing plan will be different than if you were to focus on seniors. Not accepting any insurance at all? That will be part of your advertising as well. 


So why do you stand out? Once you know, plant the seed and start growing. 

2. Wow visitors with your website


In marketing today your website is the soil your seed grows from. It’s where most people will first come across your message poking out like a sprout from the marketing flooding patients today. 


For that reason, it’s important that you get your website right. It’s a big part of what makes you findable on the internet and it’s where patients will have their first impressions of your practice. What do you want them to think when they find your website?

Building a website

If you don’t have a website already or if yours could use a refresh, then it’s time to start planning how you’ll build your new site.


They don’t teach website design in optometry school. It’s alright to ask for help to make sure you have a website that’s going to give prospective patients a good first impression. It’s better to invest some time and money in the right website than to drive patients away with the wrong one.


This is where services such as Roya come in. With a professional website service you can ensure you have webpages that patients want to browse and a dashboard with website engagement data. 

Exploring ecommerce


It seems as if more online competitors appear with each passing day. A website is great, but does that beat an online store?


Maybe not by itself. However, your brick-and-mortar presence is certainly an advantage. When you combine that with your own online store you can offer an omnichannel experience the competition can’t. Optify is one service helping ECPs build online stores that compete with the direct-to-consumer businesses cropping up these days. 

3. Discount eyewear without disturbing margins


Discounting eyewear can help you see more patients who may otherwise be reluctant to visit an out-of-network provider. But that cuts into your margins. If you’re in-network, do your margins really have that much to spare? And if you’re out-of-network, why sacrifice the additional profit you got by dropping vision plans in the first place? Is that sustainable?


With Anagram Prosper that’s not something you’ll have to worry about. Prosper delivers rebates straight to patients’ devices when they purchase qualifying eyewear; the transaction occurs instantly and is subsidized by Anagram and its partners. 

That means you can deliver patients the sort of delightful buying experiences they’ll tell friends and family about, without having to dip into your margin to make it happen. 

For the investment (Prosper is free to join, so nothing) these rebates can supercharge your practice marketing. 

4. Make a point to own your optical metrics


You’re busy every day seeing patients, working with your staff and making sure that you’re operating within vision plans’ guidelines (if you haven’t dropped vision plans). It can be difficult to go back and review how your business is performing. But it’s essential for making informed decisions for everything from accounts receivable to, of course, your marketing plan. 


Understanding what’s working, and what’s not, will help you build a consistent marketing strategy that brings patients in to purchase eyewear. If your website was built through a service such as Roya, you should have your own dashboard to review site performance. Meanwhile, your social profiles should come with their own analytics pages. Finally, your email provider or EHR (if that’s what you’re using for patient communications) should also provide some useful metrics.


Use the data available to you to optimize toward optical success!

5. Eyewear advertising for community connections


Of course, not everything has to be online! We’re big believers in connecting with your community in order to stand apart from the competition. After all, the vision plans or Warby Parkers of the world don’t know your community like you know it. 

The kids are they key to the parents


As they say: If you get the kids you’ll get the parents. Some of the best places to connect with the community are local youth events. Whether that’s a school play or the local soccer team, you can make your practice known through advertising opportunities. 

Partnerships for patients


Your marketing plan may also get a boost from local business partners. Traditionally, ECPs look for referrals from other medical professionals—an ophthalmologist, for example. Those are important relationships for any ECP. But it can’t hurt to try other businesses in your community! You can coadvertise or work out other agreements to benefit both of your businesses.


The eyewear marketing plan for your practice


The reason ECPs pursue their own marketing plan is because they see that the vision plan approach isn’t always sustainable. Finding your own private pay patients who are loyal to your practice, rather than their plans, can pay off for your business in the long run. 


Everything above will help but ultimately the eyewear marketing plan for your practice is your own. Regardless of what your strategy looks like, the end results are the same: More eyewear purchases, more multiple pair sales, and improved retention. Visit roya.com to download a free, no obligation digital audit for your practice and receive customized marketing feedback for your office, you can also call us at 858-345-5500 today!


The Seasons of SEO


Everybody is talking about SEO nowadays - it is how you get found online by customers, how you build trust, create an excellent customer experience, and so much more. It is a crucial aspect of the daily behind-the-scenes of business, and the results of one’s efforts (or lack thereof) in the SEO realm will be made evident over time. 

Although SEO is truly a long game in which it takes time to see results, it is one worth playing. However, there is not a cookie-cutter way to approach SEO, and strategy should depend on your customer, your content, and believe it or not, the seasons of the year. Customer preferences vary by season, and so should business’s SEO strategies.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and sums up a range of activities that aim to increase the quality and quantity of interactions with your website and online presence through organic search. 


What is Organic Search?

Organic search is non-paid results that search engines return in response to a user’s search query. Search engines develop these results for the user in an order of what they have deemed most relevant to the query. A variety of SEO factors and practices can affect your business’s relevance to a customer query on search engines. 


What is Seasonal SEO?

Seasonal SEO pays close attention to the changing seasons of the year and adjusts SEO strategy accordingly. For example, a dentist’s office may choose to focus on back-to-school pediatric dental exams in August and September since that is the back-to-school season. Likewise, a plastic surgery company may promote laser hair removal closer to summer when more people are in bathing suits.

Roya.com utilizes seasonal SEO strategies to create targeted, customized content for our clients and drive website traffic and conversions season after season.

To learn more about seasonal SEO or to explore how we can help your company build a winning SEO strategy, get in touch with Roya.com in San Diego, California by calling (858) 345-5500.


REcolorado Announces Successful Home Search Website Launch On The Canvas Platform


REcolorado®, Colorado’s largest real estate multiple listing service (MLS) serving more than 26,000 active professional customers across the state, has announced the launch of their new home buyer and seller website powered by Roya.com, a best-in-class digital marketing and content management platform provider. The new REcolorado.com website has undergone a complete overhaul to allow for a brand new design powered by the latest technologies available to the real estate market, resulting in a significantly enhanced user experience, and improved analytics tracking.

The new comprehensive website offers home buyers and sellers a robust property search tool with real-time property listing content, in addition to tools, resources and content for buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals alike.

“Colorado home buyers and sellers have always relied on REcolorado for access to trusted real estate listings and information they can use to streamline the home buying and selling process,” said Gene Millman, REcolorado president and CEO. “Roya has a powerful technical infrastructure that will allow us to innovate and iterate quickly to deliver home buyers and sellers a website they can count on for accurate listings with hyper-local, relevant information now and well into the future.”

REcolorado is the MLS partner for real estate brokers, agents, and appraisers and the source for residential listings. Through partnerships with REALTOR® associations and MLS organizations, REcolorado.com contains listings from across Colorado. The site facilitates connections between buyers and sellers and the experts--their agent or the listing agent--with no conflicting agent or brokerage ads. REcolorado.com also includes local, neighborhood information and advanced technology to connect consumers with intelligent ways to discover communities and listings.

Roya.com recognizes technology is playing an increasingly critical role in all aspects of real estate marketing and brings their engineering expertise, Agile methodologies, collaborative approach, and industry knowledge to this partnership.

“The latest technological advancements coupled with ingenuity of our amazing staff, helps Roya deliver the most user-friendly solutions,“ said Mo Ranji, CEO and founder of Roya.com. “The partnership with REcolorado will further expand our reach into the real estate vertical by bringing cutting-edge technologies to an industry so ripe for disruption. REcolorado’s strong positioning in the industry, combined with their desire to make ongoing enhancements driven by consumer research and expectations, makes them a perfect partner to our Canvas® Marketing platform. We couldn’t be happier to bring these technologies to both agents and consumers.”


About REcolorado
Since 1984, REcolorado has been focused on providing the most accurate and up-to-date real estate information for professionals and consumers. Updated continually with new and sold listings and powered by the state’s largest network of real estate professionals, REcolorado.com is Colorado’s most accurate and up-to-date home search website. REcolorado.com also offers consumers mortgage resources, information about Colorado neighborhoods and cities, sold listings, open houses, and a comprehensive database of real estate professionals.
REcolorado is the largest multiple listing service (MLS) in Colorado with more than 26,000 professional subscribers who operate throughout the state. It is REALTOR® owned and serves Denver Metro Association of REALTORS®, Mountain Metro Association of REALTORS®, REALTORS® of Central Colorado, South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association, and Steamboat Springs Board of REALTORS®. Contact a REALTOR® for accurate information about your property and neighborhood.


About Roya.com and the Canvas® CMS Platform
Roya.com is a Software as a Service provider of digital marketing & content management platforms for SMB to Enterprise businesses across the nation. As one of the fastest growing companies in San Diego, CA, Roya.com has developed the proprietary Canvas® CMS platform with a wide range of built-in features to transform digital marketing and bring cloud technologies to businesses of all sizes.


5 ways call tracking will improve your business strategy


But first, let's assume you’re new to call tracking and looking for a better understanding of how it works. Put simply, call tracking allows you to purchase and provision a unique phone number that forwards to your direct office line, but because it is unique to each campaign or platform, it can provide you with conversion and ROI metrics specific to each campaign. With call tracking, you can analyze both the quantity and quality of campaign calls.

Now, let’s look more closely at the benefits of call tracking and 5 ways that call tracking will improve your business strategy:


  1. High-Level Analytics

With call tracking, it gives you a deeper dive into the analytics. The key takeaways are that it helps you identify how many calls for any given time period, provides trends, times of days, or days of the week with more calls.

  1. Granular Analytics

Now you can filter through those calls and see new vs returning patient volume. You can breakdown calls down by website or campaign to better evaluate campaign ROI and further improve your business strategy and current campaigns.

  1. Audit Quality of the Leads

With call tracking, you are able to listen to all recorded calls. This helps you see the quality of the leads. Are the prospects calling for the price, more information, or to book an appointment. Listening to the recorded calls will provide more insight into what you need to do to your campaigns. For example, if you are noticing you are getting a lot of shoppers, it may be best to provide more content on that service so those leads are eliminated. 

  1. Evaluate Customer Service

“This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.” One of the most common features with call tracking that you may have heard. Since the calls are recorded and logged this helps the business if their team is converting calls, missed opportunities, long hold times, etc. This is one of the first touchpoints so you want to make sure that the customer is having a great first impression.

  1. Call Reporting Leads to More Productive and Effective Campaigns

As we learned above, call tracking provides you with voice recording which you can use to adjust your business strategy, use for training, and see where the lead comes from. With this data, you can see the best results and optimize accordingly for your business.


Using call tracking gives you access to powerful data, and quickly! Immediate access to call data allows you to audit the quality of the leads and evaluate customer service, often identifying if there is a problem with a campaign or customer service process faster than if you weren’t actively utilizing call tracking data. If you have questions about how call tracking can improve your business strategy, call Roya.com today at 858-345-5500 and we can provide additional assistance regarding the setup or benefits of call tracking.


Social Media Advertising Tips and Tricks


Social media advertising is a great channel to help you reach a new target audience, and fast!  As some of us may know, organic rankings and traffic can take time to build up and not all of us have that kind of patience. To give your business more of an immediate boost in traffic, social media advertising maybe your best option! Before you start to throw money at a new social media advertising campaign, let’s look at how to put your best foot forward and create a Facebook campaign with the goal of maximizing your spending.

1. Create a Facebook business page:

First thing’s first, if you don’t already have a Facebook business page, you should create one. It is important to emphasize that it should not be a personal page but solely a business page. To create a Facebook business page simply visit business.facebook.com and go through the guided steps. 

It is key to create your profile under a specific category. Facebook has six options: 1.) local business or place, 2.) company, organization, institution, 3.) brand or product, 4.) artist, band, or public figure, 5.) entertainment, 6.) cause or community. The majority of people will probably fall under the Local Business or Brand categories. The category type matters because each category has different features once the page is created.

2. Optimize and Page Set-Up:

To ensure your Facebook page is getting maximum visibility, and potential customers or patients are getting the correct information, make sure you fully complete your business profile. 

  • The “About” section will be the main area where you can tell people about your business.
  • Upload a profile and cover photo that can visually convey to potential customers who you are.
  • Select the CTA (click to action) button that will direct users to the most important information. This can be found on the main page, on the top right, and will have options like a book now, contact us, etc.

Enable custom Facebook tabs. These are the tabs on the left side of your profile that act as a menu and offer quick links to content. For example: About, Events, Services, etc. Select ones that highlight key aspects of your business or content that is most frequently requested.

3. Follow the “70-20-10” rule:

Once you have fully optimized your profile for engagement, next you get to create content! A pro tip is to diversify your content, you don’t want all your posts to look exactly the same, you should aim for a variety of relevant content. A good way to mix it up is to ask questions, highlight promotions, or share knowledge about your industry.

  • Post original content 70% of the time

  • Post content relevant to your followers’ interests 20% of the time

  • Post-self-promotional content 10% of the time

4. Promote your page with Facebook Ads:

Don’t only focus on organic posts, there are more opportunities to engage with users. Facebook Ads are an effective marketing tool. Boosted posts should be optimized for engagement since this is your opportunity to get in front of a larger number of potential customers or patients and you ideally want them to call you or click through to your website.

5. Target specific audiences to boost ad reach:

For more effective ads, you should identify your target market and try to target them by creating a specific audience with demographic and behavioral targeting characteristics. In doing this, you should get visibility from prospective customers that are really interested in your business. These business promotions are optimized to reach as many people as possible, not just the people who follow you.

Getting started with Social Media Advertising allows you to both be creative and expand your reach with potential new customers. If you have questions about any of these beginner tips and tricks or if you’re looking for more advanced tips regarding tracking, managing multiple campaigns call Roya.com today at 858-345-5500 and we can schedule a campaign audit to further discuss recommendations!


New Canvas Enterprise Analytics Dashboard


This week, Roya.com released an update to Canvas® CMS, which included an upgrade to our Enterprise Analytics Dashboard. The upgraded dashboard not only has additional analytics features it also now has a sleek and easy to read new layout.


The Enterprise Dashboard allows corporate groups or customers with multiple websites to view Google Analytics data, KPIs and conversion metrics across all of their domains in one user friendly roll-up report dashboard. With the combination of dynamic stats, charts and tables, the new Enterprise Dashboard makes it easy for users at any level to access and interpret performance data. Users looking for just basic analytics can do so at a glance, while allowing power users to filter, sort and segment analytics.


New features also include the ability to toggle specific domains from the group on and off so you can see all data or drill down to compare data for specified subgroups. Another added feature based on client feedback is the ability to export the report in excel or PDF format. 


As Roya.com remains focused on leading edge technology, the Canvas® CMS continues to evolve with new features, functionality and new products. We strive to provide our clients with the most advanced technology in the industry, in turn giving our clients the competitive edge. If you have questions about the new Enterprise Analytics Dashboard or would like to schedule a demo, contact roya.com at 858-345-5500 today!


Homepage Do's and Don'ts


Did you know you only have a fraction of a second to make an impression with your website design? Milliseconds could determine if a potential patient or new customer engages with your website, or immediately bounces to a competitor. A homepage is generally the most viewed page on a website, and as the top landing page, you should ensure you’re following the latest SEO best practices and current website design trends. If you’re considering a website refresh or revamping your digital marketing strategy, read through this non-exhaustive list of website design, homepage dos and don’ts.


Do use color and typography - Don’t use every single color and font style

Your homepage design should be representative of you and your brand, therefore it should have images, a color palette and font family that aesthetically convey to website visitors who you are and what it’s like to work with you. There should be consistency with these stylistic choices, because consistency can translate to comfort and security. You don’t want users to get confused or overwhelmed when they navigate through the website that they’ve gone to another site because this page or section of a page looks and feels so drastically different than the last.


Do craft SEO friendly content - Don’t go overboard and create spammy content

When mapping out what content you plan to include on your homepage, you should consider the keywords you currently rank for, and what keywords you want to rank for on google. You should be methodical with your plan to include those keywords in your H-tags and content, but at the same time, google’s algorithms are getting smarter with every update, and it’s important not to have spammy content. You should write content with the idea that it is your ideal patient or customer that is reading it. You might make slight tweaks to it to make it more SEO friendly, but keyword stuffing or overly optimizing content will not benefit you as the website owner or your website users trying to learn more about you. 


Do focus on user experience - Don’t complicate the user flow

More and more emphasis is placed on overall user experience. It is not enough just to have a beautiful website, it does need to be professionally designed and impressive, but it also needs to be easy to use. Google is giving more weight to user experience, taking into account pagespeed, navigation and mobile usability as ranking factors. As a general rule, you should make it easy for users to get to top pages on the site, and have an easy to use menu or navigation structure.


Do strategically place Call to Actions - Don’t rely on passive content


You’ve spent time carefully crafting content and designing a website homepage that will get and keep the attention of your website visitors, don’t miss the opportunity of engagement! It is surprising how many websites do not have easy access to contact information with clear call to actions, assisting website visitors through the user flow. The header and footer should have a phone number call to action. There should be a button or contact information within every section of a page so any user can easily get in touch with you despite where they are on a webpage.


Do leverage whitespace - Don’t clutter web pages with too many thoughts


Continuing with user experience, a cluttered or unfocused homepage can lead to a poor user experience. Content overload does not allow the user to focus on anything. Don’t be afraid of whitespace. Whitespace allows for spacing between sections, helping with readability and bringing more focus to areas that you want to draw attention. There is power in whitespace. It allows you to control what users should visually take away based on what elements you’re giving more weight to.


An effective homepage design is essential to create a positive first impression that encourages users to explore content further and convey who you are and what you do. Web design plays an important role in establishing confidence in your brand. Looking to revise your outdated website? Contact the experienced team at roya.com for a complimentary website audit to review what is working and potential areas of improvement with your current website. You can also schedule a demo to review before and after website transformations and discuss additional recommendations for a successful web design. 


5 Tips for a Successful SEO Strategy in 2021


Looking to get more aggressive with your digital marketing and improve your SEO ranking in 2021? Every year ranking organically becomes more competitive, so there is no better time than the present to define your goals and create a tactical plan to make website improvements to strengthen your strategy. Need help getting started? Read through our 5 tips for a successful SEO strategy in 2021.


1. Run a Comprehensive Website Audit

In order to make sure your website and SEO strategy is current with Google’s latest algorithm updates, you need to first evaluate the health of your website and the SEO optimizations that are currently in place to determine if there are any underlying issues that should be immediately addressed before you look at new opportunities. There are plenty of free website audit tools that can provide you with a free website audit, responsivescore.com is a great tool that can provide you with a score and comprehensive report in minutes.


Once you’ve generated a website audit, you should break down individual action items prioritizing anything that is broken, followed by enhancements to improve user experience and adjustments to improve page speed. 


As part of this website audit, you should generate a list of keywords you’re currently ranking for organically, and those that you’d like to rank for, this keyword analysis will be important when we look at SEO-Friendly Content. 

2. SEO-Friendly Content

Custom, high authority content is still one of the biggest SEO ranking factors. Creating intriguing, educational, and engaging content contributes to your Click Through Rate, Page Speed, Page Views, Average Time On-Site, and Bounce Rate, all of which can weigh into your keyword ranking. Before you start writing content, you should reference the keyword analysis from your website audit to identify the competitive and long-tailed keywords to target in your new content pages. It is important to post new or improved content regularly on your website, so you should plan to continue to evolve your content plan. 

3. Onsite Optimizations 

Having excellent, SEO-Friendly Content on your website is important, but that alone is not enough for SEO ranking. You also need to ensure you’re following best practices for onsite optimizations including a schema mark-up, H-Tag content hierarchy, title tags, meta tags, image alt tags, and links to content in an XML and HTML sitemap. These tags and maps may not be important to your users, but they sure are important to Google, which is the user you’re trying to impress the most. 

4. Google AMP - Your Competitive Edge 

You should also leverage new technology like Google AMP, which offers benefits to users that could give you the competitive edge over the business down the street. AMP pages load nearly instantly, allowing you to offer a consistently fast experience across all devices and platforms. With user experience and page speed becoming increasingly important ranking factors, if this is a tool in your website’s toolbox, it can certainly benefit your SEO strategy and is worth exploring.

5. Analytics

If you are investing any time or money in digital marketing and SEO, you should utilize at the minimum basic analytics to monitor website activity. Google Analytics is both free and generally the universal standard for Google Analytics so there should be no reason not to have this tracking setup on your website. Once set up, you should have a pulse on the Organic Traffic Channel, and monitor the most visited pages, user engagement for those pages, and conversely, the pages that are not seeing clicks and engagement so those can be revisited as part of your ongoing content strategy.


Implementing any of these SEO tips will be beneficial. In 2020, there were over 2 trillion Google Searches per day, and with that number continuing to rise, an SEO strategy should not be overlooked.  Generally, users trust websites that rank organically at top of Google Search results with less than 10% of users clicking to results on page 2. If you’re not on page 1, you should be looking for opportunities to increase ranking and visibility. Still have questions? Contact us for a free website audit today!


Patterson Veterinary Announces Partnership with Roya.com


Roya.com provides results-driven websites and marketing strategies to thousands of veterinary practices nationwide


Patterson Veterinary today announced an exclusive partnership with Roya.com to offer corporate consolidators and multi-location customers the ability to digitally brand their practices through the latest website technology and marketing tools.

Roya.com is a leading provider of digital marketing and CMS platforms, specializing in custom web design and digital marketing services. Through this agreement, Patterson Veterinary customers will now be able to utilize Roya.com’s CANVAS® platform and Marketing Packages at special partnership pricing.

“Now more than ever, it is so important that we help customers not only serve their patients, but also generate leads to continue growing their businesses,” said Dan Holland, Director of Technology, Patterson Veterinary. “Partnering with Roya.com will especially help our larger, multi-location practices by offering tailored services designed to help them brand their practices and effectively track all efforts.”

Additionally, Roya.com says the decision to partner with Patterson was an easy one, based on the two companies’ shared commitment to their customers.

“Roya.com focuses on understanding the individual needs of our customers, while keeping a close eye on industry trends and best practices,” said Mo Ranji, Founder and CEO of Roya.com. “We’re excited to help Patterson customers create an online experience that is unique to their individual practices and provide an effective conversion funnel driven by real-time data and the ever changing user behavior."

For Patterson, this partnership supports Patterson Veterinary’s key objective of providing the best, most relevant and most innovative technology solutions to veterinarian practices.

“Finding the right partners that bring value to our customers is a top priority for our organization,” adds Holland. “Patterson Veterinary is dedicated to providing the most innovative technology solutions to veterinarian’s practices, and this partnership with Roya.com allows us to continue supporting that goal.”

To learn more, contact your Patterson Veterinary sales representative for a demo.

About Patterson Veterinary
Patterson Veterinary, combined with sister company Animal Health International, forms one of the largest animal health companies in North America, distributing products, equipment, technologies and practice-management solutions to companion animal veterinary clinics, livestock operations and dealer/farm stores. For more information, visit pattersonvet.com and http://www.animalhealthinternational.com.

About the Canvas® CMS Platform
Roya.com’s Canvas® CMS is a best in class technology with a range of built-in features to market small to midsize businesses online. The proprietary platform is powered by cutting edge cloud based technologies and is designed to elevate online marketing initiatives and ultimately convert online visitors to customers. As an early adaptor to Google’s AMP project, Roya.com continues to differentiate its offerings, marketing services and CMS products as best in class.

About Roya.com
Roya.com is a SaaS provider of Canvas CMS Platform digital marketing & CMS platforms for thousands of Veterinary Practices across the United States and Canada. Roya.com is one of the fastest growing companies in San Diego, California. For more information visit Roya.com's Blog or call 858-345-5500.


REcolorado Names Roya.com as their New Website Partner


REcolorado®, Colorado’s largest multiple listing service (MLS) serving the largest network of real estate professionals in the state, with more than 25,000 active professional customers, has announced a strategic partnership with Roya.com, a best-in-class digital marketing and content management platform provider. Through this partnership, Roya.com will redesign REcolorado.com to enhance the overall user experience, upgrade technology, and provide easy access to digital tools and content.

REcolorado is committed to empowering home buyers and sellers, with an interactive and content-rich website they can count on for real-time property listings, as well as tools and resources they can use along with their real estate agent to streamline the buying, selling, and renting process.

“Serious home buyers and sellers rely on REcolorado.com for the most reliable property information because they know it comes straight from the source - Colorado real estate professionals,” said Staci Wood, REcolorado Vice President and Chief Product Officer. “We evaluated and interviewed several potential vendors and ultimately concluded this partnership with Roya.com will further elevate the REcolorado.com user experience so it is more seamless, productive and rewarding for real estate professionals and consumers as they navigate Colorado’s competitive market.”

Roya.com recognizes technology is playing an increasingly critical role in all aspects of real estate marketing and brings their engineering expertise, Agile methodologies, collaborative approach and industry knowledge to this partnership. “The latest technological advancements coupled with ingenuity of our amazing staff, helps Roya deliver the most user friendly solutions to Enterprise and SMB customers alike.“ said Mo Ranji, CEO and founder of Roya.com. “The partnership with REcolorado will further expand our reach into the Real Estate vertical by bringing cutting-edge technologies to an industry so ripe for disruption.”


About REcolorado
Since 1984, REcolorado has been focused on providing the most accurate and up-to-date real estate information for professionals and consumers. Updated continually with new and sold listings and powered by the state’s largest network of real estate professionals, REcolorado.com is Colorado’s most accurate home search website. REcolorado.com also offers consumers mortgage resources, information about Colorado neighborhoods and cities, sold listings, open houses, and a comprehensive database of real estate professionals.

REcolorado is the largest Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in Colorado with more than 25,000 professional subscribers who operate throughout the state. It is REALTOR owned and serves Denver Metro Association of REALTORS®Mountain Metro Association of REALTORS®REALTORS® of Central ColoradoSouth Metro Denver REALTOR® Association, and Steamboat Springs Board of REALTORS®. Contact a REALTOR for accurate information about your property and neighborhood.

About Roya.com and the Canvas® CMS Platform
Roya.com is a Software as a Service provider of digital marketing & content management platforms for SMB to Enterprise businesses across the nation. As one of the fastest growing companies in San Diego, CA, Roya.com has developed the proprietary Canvas® CMS platform with a wide range of built-in features to transform digital marketing and bring cloud technologies to businesses of all sizes.


Roya Supports Medical Practices During Coronavirus Pandemic With Free Telemedicine Technology


Healthcare digital marketing technology and services leader, Roya.com, announced a new telemedicine solution, CANVAS® LIVE, to further support healthcare professionals during a time with an ever growing demand for telehealth services. CANVAS® LIVE, is a new addition to the existing Canvas® platform that will allow Medical professionals to virtually communicate with patients in a HIPAA-compliant, secure video-chat platform, eliminating the need for in-person appointments.


Roya.com has made telemedicine easy to use and easy to access for medical professionals and their patients alike. CANVAS® LIVE allows health care professionals to remotely care for patients in a professional, secure platform that is embedded directly on their website. Unlike other Telemedicine services, CANVAS® LIVE does not require downloading or installing third-party apps or software, and is designed to be integrated natively on the Medical Professional’s existing website to create a personal ‘waiting room’ for each pre-approved appointment; generating a secure session that is private and confidential between the Doctor and their patient.


Roya.com felt the social responsibility to develop this product and make it widely available to all medical professionals at this time of uncertainty. “Understanding that all businesses and medical practices are financially impacted, it was important that we did our part,” said Mo Ranji, CEO at Roya.com. 


Roya.com is offering CANVAS® LIVE to all Medical Professionals free of charge for the duration of this pandemic. To learn more about CANVAS® LIVE, or to see if you qualify for this free product as a medical professional, visit roya.com/canvas-live or call 858-345-5500 to claim your free telemedicine solution and start communicating with patients today!


COVID-19: How to manage your digital marketing during a time of crisis


Everyone and every business has  been impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Business owners universally are struggling with the concerns of how best to minimize the financial impact of COVID-19 and what to expect when cleared to return to business as usual. On top of this, Healthcare professionals and Practice Owners are uniquely faced with the challenge of both being a resource for their patients and minimizing the risk of spreading the virus.  There are many questions that Practice Owners may be contemplating as their hours of operation lessen or the number of days out of office increases. Though only time will tell the impact this pandemic has on each individual practice, there are recommended steps you can take to put your practice in the best position for stability and growth in the coming months.

Below we answer 5 Frequently Asked Questions based on digital marketing best practices.


How is my SEO impacted by COVID-19?

Google’s algorithms remain largely unaffected in times of crisis. They are dictated by complex formulas that are not compromised when brick and mortar businesses close their doors or limit services. While overall search volume could experience a temporary dip while the population is urged to stay home, this does not fundamentally impact SEO ranking, unless you ease up on your SEO strategy. Although SEO is a long term strategy, the easiest way to see a dramatic dip in rankings or visibility is halting your online marketing strategy, or putting a stop to content additions (blogs) and social media activity.


Should I pause or shut down my website?

If you take your website offline, it is likely to have a negative impact on your domain authority and rankings, allowing your competitors to rank higher than you for keywords you may have previously controlled the market share for. Maintaining your website is not only beneficial for your online presence, it is also a valuable source to keep in communication with your patients. Patients may be turning to you and your website for answers. Now is your time to be a resource for them and keep them up to date with relevant information.

What if my new website hasn’t launched yet? Should I wait until this blows over?

Delaying the launch of your new website, could affect your user engagement and patient satisfaction. If you’re redesigning your website, usability is likely a contributing factor. As we discussed, it is more important now than ever to communicate with your patients. Doing so through a user friendly website with an impressive, modern design is important for user engagement and building your brand. Launching a new website could also have additional SEO benefits if best practices are followed.

What should I do if my office has completely closed?

We recommend updating your hours of operation on your Google My Business page, website, and social media. Google My Business now has a feature specifically for COVID-19 announcements. Adding a temporary banner or pop up on your website is a great way to keep patients informed, without changing the overall design of your website.  Social Media makes it easy for frequent posts, and in general, is the best channel for more of a personal tone to connect with your patients.


What digital marketing should I do with the extra time on my hands?

If you find yourself with downtime during quarantine, this is the perfect time to create a content calendar or at the very least additional content. Content remains the biggest contributor to SEO ranking. Quality content in the form of webpages, blogs, videos, FAQs, etc.  will increase user engagement on your website, increase time on site, and make you an educational resource for your patients. When considering where to start with content creation, reflect on ways to build your brand, share your story online, strengthen your social media presence, and identify new ways to serve patients.


COVID-19 has undoubtedly posed new challenges for businesses and forced many practice owners to start thinking outside the box when it comes to their digital marketing strategy. Our team at Roya.com is committed to helping you navigate these unique challenges so your practice can stay relevant in this time of uncertainty and thrive when we return to a state of normalcy


As a leading digital marketing partner in the medical industry, we remain committed to the future growth and success of your practice. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss updates to your current digital marketing strategy or establish a plan of action. Stay healthy and positive. 


Roya.com announces AI Insights for improved call analytics and ROI tracking


AI Insights utilizes speech recognition technology to analyze calls to gain valuable analytics about calls and campaign performance.


Roya.com announced today a new set of features compatible with their existing Call Tracking technology, employing Artificial Intelligence to power a new AI Call Intelligence product, AI Insights. 


AI Insights applies speech recognition technology to evaluate and summarize calls applying custom tags that are identified as important to each business. This new AI feature integrates seamlessly with Canvas© CMS, expanding the call tracking dashboard to include the AI data output. The AI Insights tags allow businesses to easily identify the marketing campaigns that are driving the best leads, and quantify ROI by campaign and keyword filtering. This data is available in an interactive, user friendly analytics dashboard, allowing users to access meaningful performance data at a glance, while also providing extensive reporting for savvy users that want a deeper dive into analytics.


Want to learn more about AI Call Insights? Contact Roya.com at 858-345-5500 or schedule a demo online now.


Dental Implant Patient Acquisition: The Ever Increasing Demand and Competition


Seventy five years after Dental Implants were introduced as a clinical solution to missing or damaged teeth, their popularity among patients has consistently increased, and with recent advancements, they are still considered to be the most advanced clinical solution. This continued growth in demand has attracted thousands of professionals to expand their offerings in order to provide their patients with this lucrative treatment option. This, along with the ever-growing audience seeking dental implant treatments, has created an extremely competitive patient acquisition market, one filled with massive digital campaigns and much wasted ad budgets.


As shoppers are becoming more research oriented and educated on dental implant topics, the process of patients simply choosing a neighborhood dentist or the dentist nearest you is increasingly a concept of the past. Given this shift in shopping behavior, one might wonder how some Cosmetic Dental Practices are thriving and/or what’s the solution to acquiring a larger share of dental implant cases? The increase in patient acquisition is correlated to a powerful online presence. If your online presence is not up to par with the services you are offering you could be losing out on a large percentage of prospective patients. Here are few digital functions you can look out for that have proven to assist with usability and new patient conversion:


Aesthetics of Dental Website Design:

Imagine you are a patient and you can afford an All-on-4 treatment to get your smile back. The first thing you would likely do is research doctors in your area that are highly trained and can provide you the reassurance that you will get the smile of your dreams. Taking this into consideration - you can understand why website aesthetics is so important, as it has to match the level of services you are offering. Your website should distinguish you as a specialist and demonstrate your authority and credentials. Before and after images have also contributed to establishing a positive reputation for potential patients.


Website Engineered to Maximize Conversions:

If you have an aesthetically pleasing website, but it is hard to find your contact information or your Call To Actions (CTAs) are incorrectly placed, you could again be losing patients. Industry knowledge and user behavior analytics should be leveraged to construct web pages that are focused on the user experience and guiding them down the information funnel to lead conversion. Designing a website based on a  conversion-focused strategy, you should expect an exponential increase in website engagements and leads!


Search Engine Optimize your Website:

A poorly optimized website has the potential to severely impact your rankings on google. Even if you have the a beautifully designed and conversion-based website, if your search engine ranking is low, you won’t get the organic traffic that is so crucial to your patient acquisition strategy. Creating SEO rich, original content, ensuring you have proper onsite optimizations (title tags, meta tags, schema tags, image alt tags, etc), and following the best practices for website navigation including XML and HTML sitemaps are great starting points for building your SEO strategy.


Local SEO:

Discovering how to navigate your local SEO might seem like rocket science to you, but it is relatively straightforward if you have the time to invest. Improving your Local SEO strategy can be accomplished by monitoring your citations, optimizing and managing your GMB and social media accounts and syndicating your business on new directory websites. Local SEO and Organic SEO strategies often compliment each other and contribute to an overall SEO efforts.


Whether you are looking to increase your reach or improve your lead conversions, these are great starting points. If it seems that you might not be able to manage these tasks, find an agency or partner that can advise and manage them for you! Roya.com is a results-oriented digital marketing company that specializes in B2C Dental Implant Patient Acquisition. If you are looking for marketing strategy with transparent ROI tracking, call (858) 345-5500 for a complimentary review of your online presence including a no obligation website audit.


Roya.com Announces Partnership With Compliancy Group


Roya.com is pleased to announce a new Partnership with Compliancy Group offering medical professionals HIPAA Compliant, AMP powered custom websites

Roya.com, an industry leader for custom website design and digital marketing strategy has partnered with Compliancy Group, the most trusted name in HIPAA compliance, to assist medical professionals with high converting, custom, Google AMP websites that satisfy the HIPAA requirements, and earning the Compliancy Group Seal of Compliance™.

With both companies having a shared goal in assisting their clients with digital solutions, collaboration between Compliancy Group and Roya.com was naturally formed. Roya will lend their best practices in regards to conversion focused web design to elevate the digital strategies for those leveraging the HIPAA Compliance Solutions tools and software. Roya.com's proprietary Canvas® CMS Platform has proven to be an extremely effective Medical Marketing Platform by improving online positioning and reducing management time needed to run a successful multi-channel digital marketing campaign. With Roya's Canvas® best-in-class marketing platform, clients have access to a professionally supported SaaS platform and confidence in their digital strategy, which complements the peace of mind clients get from Compliancy Group's Compliance Coaches and Software to ensure their online presence is HIPAA compliant.

About Roya.com and the Canvas® CMS Platform
Roya.com is a Software as a Service provider of digital marketing and content management platforms for medical professionals across the nation. As one of the fastest growing companies in San Diego, CA, Roya.com has developed the proprietary Canvas® Platform with a wide range of built-in features to transform online marketing and bring cloud technologies to businesses of all sizes.

About Compliancy Group
Compliancy Group gives health care professionals confidence in their HIPAA compliance with The Guard®. The Guard is a web-based HIPAA compliance solution, built by former auditors to help simplify compliance. Compliancy Group's team of expert Compliance Coaches® field questions and guide users through the implementation process, taking the stress out of managing compliance. The Guard® is built to address the full extent of HIPAA regulation, including fully automated documentation of policies, procedures, employee training, and remediation plans. With The Guard, health care professionals can focus on running their practice while keeping their patients' data protected and secure. Find out more about Compliancy Group today!


Top San Diego SaaS Company


We have always said that Roya.com was one of the best Software as a Service companies around, and now we have the proof!

Roya.com has been recognized as one of the top Software as a Service (SaaS) companies by San Diego Business Journal.

The recognition comes as part of the continued rapid growth powered by Canvas® Marketing platform. Our customers enjoy the competitive advantage that Canvas® Platform provides within their perspective markets, and we have enjoyed the referral business brought to us by our customers. Our best customers are referrals!
We also attribute a large source of our growth to the continued expansion in the medical industry, being differentiated by our superior dental website designs and plastic surgery website designs.

The Canvas® CMS marketing platform makes managing all aspects of a digital strategy seamless, with clear ROI tracking, call and web lead dashboard, reputation management, website and landing page content management, AMP CMS, and many other features. Our marketing strategies are also unlike our competitors as they are carefully crafted and custom built for each individual client's unique goals and monitored closely with clear ROI tracking to make enhancements as needed. After all, you can’t fix it if you can’t measure it.

On top of our killer marketing platform we offer some of the most high-end, pixelly-perfect designs at a price point that is unheard of (custom design at a templated price).  We’ve got a top-notch marketing team that will make sure your website gets plenty of visits (and that your business gets plenty of calls). And when there is an issue that you need help with we have you covered with a local support team that actually fixes problems, rather than opening a ticket just to have it sit in some unmanaged queue.

Make no mistake about it, we are better.  We know it, our clients know it, and now everybody knows it. 

Want to learn how this Top San Diego SaaS company can improve your digital strategy and increase your call volume? Give us a call at 858-345-5500 or Schedule a demo today.



6 Tips for running an effective online marketing campaign


Most businesses struggle with some of the same basic issues:  how to I grow my business? how do I increase sales? Those questions lead to the most common question asked, how do I get more leads?
More leads has a direct impact on increased revenue and sales. So, what is the answer to generating more leads and out performing your competitors? We have outlined 6 tips to increase conversion and generate more leads.


1. Have a clear strategy on your KPIs and how to track them

Key Performance Indicators are often overlooked in online marketing. Many marketers, make the mistake of “Let’s generate leads, then we will figure out how to track it!”. Without having a clear definitions of “Success”, your campaigns will often not get far. If you could show that for every $1 spent, you have generated $10 or more in revenue, all aspects of your marketing effort could be impacted. From budget to channels, products and promotions, everything!

I.e. if you are running a Veterinary practice, you may want to give your “appointment scheduling” more focus or value than the basic “contact us”. A phone call to your dental practice on the topic of Dental Implants may have a significantly better ROI compared to General Dentistry phone call. Define your KPIs early, that would help shape your campaign strategy.


2. Identify your marketing channels

When devising your advertising and campaign strategy, you should identify your goals, budget, target audience and main marketing messaging to assist with determining the best marketing channel to reach your targeted customers and create the best opportunities. For example, if your target audience is well defined, and you have a sizable budget, PPC ads, if closely managed could have a positive impact on your lead generation strategy. Alternatively, if you  have a smaller budget, but an existing database or lead list to pull from, email marketing could be advantageous. Leveraging an existing database for Social Media or Performance Network advertising could also generate qualified leads. These are great possible channels, however, without proper tracking, you wouldn’t know which campaigns are yielding positive results. More on that on tip 5.

3. Compelling Ad Copy and Website Content

After researching your options for promotional channels and selecting the ones that are right for your campaign goals, you must construct your campaigns and marketing messaging. You could select the optimal promotional channel, but if your marketing message falls flat, you still will not see the increase in sales you are vying for. Your ad copy should differentiate you from your competitors in terms of: experience, authority, price, quality and/or results. Your ad copy should succinctly identify the benefits of your product/service along with a sense of urgency to encourage an immediate conversion.


If you are successful in driving traffic to your website, the content on your website should also reenforce your business as the obvious choice for the product or service your lead is need of. Content should be carefully crafted with new content regularly added to the website to avoid becoming stale, and to assist with any Search Engine Optimization efforts.


4. Conversion focused design

Many business owners don’t realize the impact their website design has on their lead conversions. A professional website design is important to not just establish your authority and credibility to prospective clients, a conversion focused design with user experience testing also guides the user down the path to call or complete a web form. Generally, you have 8 seconds to grab your users attention, if you do not have the right headline, if your website is cluttered, if it is not well organized, if contact information is not easily accessible, the potential customer you worked so hard to get on your website, is likely already gone. Roya websites are a great example of conversion focused website design. Roya websites employ mobile first strategies and rely on heatmap data to construct designs that provide for the best user experience and reduce bounce rates.  Given Roya’s market share and experience with medical marketing, their veterinary website design and plastic surgery website designs really stand out amongst the competition.

5. Monitor your campaigns

After you have successfully launched your campaigns, earning conversions and generating more leads, it is more important than ever to leverage analytics to determine what campaigns were the most successful in driving traffic to the website, how users are interacting with the website once they land on it, trends in audience demographics, etc. On the surface, it may appear you are increasing your website activity and lead generation, but by closely monitoring analytics you may confirm that although you’ve generated 100 leads, only 1 has resulted in sale. Call Tracking technology is also very important to campaign tracking to listen to the calls and evaluate the quality of the lead/call and the outcome. Analytics and ROI tracking is another strength for Roya, if you are looking for further advice or clarification reach out to the team at 858-345-5500 for more information.

6. CRM lead management

Once a potential client has taken the step to make contact with you and are qualified as a lead, it is extremely important to have a process in place to engage with leads in a timely manner. A Customer Relationship Manager or CRM is an excellent resource for organizing leads and tracking communications and follow-up. The Roya Canvas Marketing Platform, has essential CRM features and functionality to help manage and tag contacts appropriately.


If you are looking for additional tips, or a partner to assist with your marketing strategy contact Roya to learn more about digital marketing services and schedule a demo today.


Congratulations Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center


Roya Congratulates Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center on Their Tremendous Success!

Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center is celebrating significant sales growth amid their one-year anniversary with a Roya.com Marketing Strategy!

In just one year of utilizing Roya.com’s Marketer package and Canvas® Platform, cahosp.com transformed their veterinary website design, launching a newly developed custom website that increased their website traffic, SEO positioning and most importantly conversions.

Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center worked with Roya.com in the summer of 2017 to design a new veterinary website that properly represented their brand, experience and history in the community. Upon launch of the website (cahosp.com), Roya launched their custom veterinary marketing strategy and aimed at improving the Search Engine Rankings, driving more potential clients, and improving their social media strategy. At their year anniversary, Cahosp.com shared the tremendous sales growth they've experienced, complimenting the website and marketing statistics reported in a year over year comparison including a 96% increase in website users, 131% increase in the keyword visibility on Google's first page, and 117% increase in website leads!


Brandt Cassel of Chaparral Veterinary Medical center states:  "Roya has been excellent for the entire year that we have enlisted their services, far exceeding expectations. What we originally wanted was a fresh re-do of our website, which turned out excellent. What we didn't expect is the constant availability of service and the attention to details that they spend on our social media and search engine optimization. We will stay with Roya for many years to come."

Roya provides monthly reporting making it easy for clients to see how their campaigns have performed month over month and allows for clear ROI tracking.


Ready to learn how Roya can help improve your vet practice ROI? Call 858-345-5500 or schedule a demo today.




Boss Dental Care celebrating marketing success after Roya Launch


Boss Dental Care celebrating marketing success immediately after launch

Boss Dental Care launched their Roya.com dental website design and marketing strategy just 90 days ago and is already benefiting from improved results. After just 3 months on the Canvas® Marketing Platform, Boss Dental Care is experiencing a 25% increase in website users and 44% increase in SEO keyword positioning on page 1!

Dr. Jason Packard of Boss Dental Care is equally impressed and satisfied with the marketing results this far stating: "Roya has been great with us. Every month they go over our stats and how we are going up or down in each key area. They also have covered everything including social media and ads without any hidden "gotcha" fees."

We are proud of these early results from our dental marketing SEO, banner ad and facebook ad campaigns. Roya works with hundreds of dental practices in addition to oral surgeons, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, optometrists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals to strengthen their digital marketing strategies and improve ROI. Interested in learning more or learning what Roya can do for your practice? Call 858-345-5500 or  schedule a demo today!



Canvas Marketing Platform for Enterprise Veterinary Group


Canvas® Marketing Platform for Enterprise Veterinary Group


Roya works with thousands of clients including veterinary practices to improve their veterinary website design and veterinary marketing strategies. As the strategic marketing partner for Southern Veterinary Partners, LLC (SVP), Roya.com works on both the corporate strategy and marketing strategy for the individual animal hospital locations. In a recent initiative, we worked closely with SVP to identify their marketing goals and develop comprehensive Marketing Solutions with a multi-channel approach to increase new client acquisition and Internet search visibility. The results for three individual animal hospitals that are part of this 60+ veterinary group partnership with Roya.com are summarized below.


In a year over year website analytics comparison, herschelanimalclinic.com benefited from a 41% increase in New User website traffic. A large portion of that traffic is attributed to SEO efforts as page 1 visibility increased 74% over the course of the year. With this increase in website traffic, conversions also increased, up 104% for phone call and form submissions within 6 months.


Avondaleanimalhospital.com, in a similar year over year comparison, had more than a 100% increase in SEO website traffic. This increase in traffic resulted from a veterinary website that was designed and built on the Canvas® platform with the best practices for SEO at its foundation and a carefully crafted monthly content strategy to support an evolving SEO campaign. This strategy paid off, tripling the number of ranking keywords and doubling the number of keywords on page 1! With an aggressive local  SEO strategy, Avondale Animal Hospital had a 34% increase in accuracy score which translated to more local search impressions on Google Maps by about 40%. All the additional visibility and website traffic translated to more than a 200% increase in phone call and website form submissions at their 6 month mark.


As Charlotte Animal Hospital approaches 4 months live with a Roya.com website and marketing strategy, they have increased their new client or potential customer reach by approximately 20%. That increase in reach resulted in an 8% increase in phone call and website form lead conversions. They are continuing to build momentum and we forcast similar exponential growth in the coming months.


The Roya.com Canvas® Marketing Platform is robust in features yet flexible enough to support a multi-tier digital strategy. To learn more about Roya Veterinary Marketing Solutions, click here. To download the full white paper with results summary click here



Get AMP'd with Roya Canvas CMS



Your business needs a website. It needs to look good so that people take you seriously. Messaging and call-to-actions need to be clear and concise so that visitors can contact you. It needs "SEO Optimization" so that Google understands what your business does and can "recommend" you to its users. Google, Facebook, and other companies will even let you pay them to make sure they give your website a higher visibility than others. We can set all of this up for you.

Dirty little secret: SO CAN EVERYONE ELSE! This is 2018, and websites / seo / paid marketing are commodities. Here at Roya.com we know this, but we tend to think we can do it better than the competition. What sets us apart from other companies? Instead of figuring out a better sales pitch for the same old product, we use our technical chops to provide features that will give your website the little nudge it needs to stay ahead of the others.

Introducing Google AMP.

You probably haven't heard much about Google AMP from people trying to sell you a website. That's because they don't have it. It is not easy to make a website or webpage conform to the strict requirements of AMP. But, chances are you have already seen AMP in action. Do a Google search from your phone and look for the results that have a little lightening bolt icon next to them. The pages that they link to are verified AMP pages.

So what does this mean? It means that AMP certified pages could lead to a better user experience. AMP is supported by Google and these pages are FAST! Click on one of the AMP'd search results and the page it links to will load in a fraction of a second.

Why is it so fast? Because Google actually stores and serves the webpages that are AMP compliant on their servers. You might be thinking, why does Google do this? They need to make sure that people continue to make Google synonymous with internet search, and the way to do this is to give people results that are usable. The #1 reason that people leave a site is speed. A couple of seconds to load will lose you traffic, guaranteed.

Google AMP restricts you from using a lot of the code and techniques that most likely slow a site down. It is not hard to hand-code an AMP web page. We can do it in our sleep. What is harder, however, is to provide an interface that lets non-developers create an AMP page using a CMS system.

That is what we did, and we did it good with our marketing platform Canvas®, the only CMS that lets users drag-and-drop their way to AMP compliant pages.  We are proud of what we were able to develop with our AMP integration. Let us show you how it works, and learn more about what our technology can do for you.



Southern Veterinary Partners LLC Announces Partnership with Roya.com


SAN DIEGO, Jan. 31, 2018  -- Southern Veterinary Partners LLC, (SVP) a veterinarian owned and managed regional network of more than 40 animal hospitals has announced Roya.com as their new strategic marketing partner. Roya.com is a Software as a Service provider of digital marketing services and Canvas® CMS Platforms specialized in Medical Website Design and Marketing. As a result of this partnership, Roya.com will provide technology and marketing services to SVP Corporate and all animal hospitals in their network.


As SVP continues to grow and serve more patients, they remain steadfast in their mission to be the premiere network of veterinary hospitals in the south by providing the highest quality of care to companion animals. With the goal of unifying their digital strategy across all animal hospitals, launching a competitive new patient acquisition strategy, and increasing their call volume month over month, SVP started a thorough vetting process to determine a strategic partner that would both provide the innovation and support needed by their expanding network. With leading-edge technology, a flexible, proprietary Content Management System, inventive marketing strategies and custom ROI reporting, Roya.com was named the exclusive partner to assist SVP animal hospitals improve their online visibility and further penetrate their marketing efforts.


"After an extensive search for the right vendor to help streamline the online marketing efforts across our growing network, we selected Roya.com as our partner. Roya.com is able to solve our marketing needs at an enterprise level to show how our network performs as a whole, while also providing individualized service to meet the marketing needs of each animal hospital," says Lacey Bacchus, SVP Director of Marketing.


Roya.com's proprietary Canvas® CMS Platform has proven to be an extremely effective platform for Medical Practices by improving overall online presence and reducing management time needed to run successful multi-channel digital marketing. Most clients have seen an approximate 20% increase in call volume within the first 6 months.


Mo Ranji, CEO of Roya.com says, "Roya.com's technology platforms are designed to empower business owners to see positive ROI with ever-changing online marketing. We are excited to serve the fast growing Southern Veterinary Partners and all of their hospitals with our best-in-class technology and dedicated staff."


About SVP

Southern Veterinary Partners is a veterinarian owned and managed regional network of animal hospitals with the common goal of providing the highest quality veterinary care to companion animals. SVP is uniquely positioned to serve as the ideal partner for animal hospitals based in the south. With a deep knowledge of best practices and a local presence, we can provide onsite support and assistance whenever needed. We understand the importance of culture and community and work to maintain the culture an owner has established. As of press time, there are 40 locations in the SVP network with additional hospitals joining each month.


About Roya.com and the Canvas® CMS Platform

Roya.com is a Software as a Service provider of digital marketing & content management platforms for small to mid-size businesses across the nation. As one of the fastest growing companies in San Diego, CA, Roya.com has developed the proprietary Canvas® CMS Platform with a wide range of built-in features to transform online marketing and bring cloud technologies to businesses of all sizes.


San Diego Association of REALTORS and Roya.com announce strategic marketing partnership


San Diego Association of REALTORS® (SDAR) and Roya.com announce strategic marketing partnership

The San Diego Association of REALTORS®, SDAR, the voice of San Diego Real Estate with over 14,000 active members, has announced a strategic partnership with Roya.com, a Software as a Service provider of digital marketing and CMS Platforms specialized in Real Estate Website Design and Marketing. Through this marketing partnership, Roya.com will provide Technology and Marketing services to the Association and serve as the preferred marketing vendor for active SDAR members.

SDAR is the largest REALTOR® Association in the county and is dedicated to supporting their members by offering services and exclusive benefits that provide members with the necessary tools to succeed.  SDAR’s main goal with launching this new partnership includes leveraging new technologies to assist with digital resources, as well as enhancing the overall experience of digital content delivery. “The capabilities of the Canvas® CMS platform made it clear that a relationship with Roya.com would prove to be the perfect fit. Simultaneously providing a excellent member benefit and an impressive, proprietary, and cloud-based platform designed to meet our business objectives as an association.” said Nicholas Zavala, VP of Business Development for SDAR.

The first phase of this partnership included the redesign of sdar.com, with the new AI powered natural search feature, improved menu navigation structure for a more intuitive user experience, and an overall enhanced digital experience. The creative teams of Roya.com and SDAR diligently worked together to ensure vision for the brand was represented in a new, modern design, while utilizing the best practices to provide a best in class experience.

“We are excited and extremely proud to serve our local community of Real Estate professionals with the cutting edge technologies that will improve the overall experience of Associations, Brokerages, REALTORS®, and Homeowners”, said Mo Ranji, CEO of Roya.com.

As the prefered marketing partner for SDAR, Roya.com will additionally provide exclusive member benefits to active SDAR members with special pricing and packages developed to help them generate more business opportunities.


About the San Diego Association of REALTORS®, SDAR

With more than 14,000 members, the Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS® is the largest trade association in the county. We help our members, who adhere to a code of ethics and professional standards, sell more homes. We also help people realize the dream of home ownership, and we are dedicated to protecting private property rights.

About Roya.com and the Canvas® CMS Platform

Roya.com is a Software as a Service provider of digital marketing & content management platforms for small to mid-size businesses across the nation. As one of the fastest growing companies in San Diego, CA, Roya.com has developed the proprietary Canvas® CMS platform with a wide range of built-in features to transform online marketing and bring cloud technologies to businesses of all sizes. 


Roya.com Announces Successful Launch of Marketing Platform for Pacific Sothebys International Realty


Roya.com Announces Successful Launch of Marketing Platform for Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty

San Diego, May 22, 2017 / Roya.com is pleased to announce the the successful launch of newly developed website powered by Canvas® CMS platform, a state-of-the-art proprietary content management platform. With over 50% of searches performed on mobile devices, consumers are demanding faster and easier experience when searching for homes. Roya.com is spearheading the mobile first initiative by integrating IDX and property searches optimized for mobile experience right from within the Canvas® CMS platform, giving users a mobile experience that is both higher-quality and faster to maneuver.

About Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty

One of the fastest growing real estate companies in southern California, Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty is San Diego’s largest locally-owned and operated real estate firm with more than 600 agents in 22 offices throughout San Diego County.

Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty has been known for it’s exceptional marketing strategy that spans locally, nationally, and internationally. With over $1.5B worth of current inventory, PSIR has carefully chosen Roya.com to further expand the marketing reach by developing a comprehensive digital strategy that amplifies promotion of agents and properties.

"To provide our property listings and agent websites with mobile first technology that incorporates high resolution imagery, high end videography and Matterport 3D Tours, we sought out the expertise at Roya.com," stated Chris Crocker, Chief Operating Officer, Pacific Sotheby's International Realty. "We know that home shoppers heavily utilize tablets and phones in their search, and we worked with Roya.com to give our listings the full Pacific Sotheby's Realty experience when viewed using a mobile device."

Pacific Sotheby's International Realty is comprised of over 500 agents in 22 offices located throughout San Diego County. The firm's brokers and clients benefit from an association with the Sotheby's auction house and worldwide Sotheby's International Realty marketing programs. The Sotheby's International Realty network currently has more than 20,000 affiliated independent sales associates located in approximately 880 offices in 66 countries and territories worldwide. Pacific Sotheby's International Realty listings are marketed on pacificsothebysrealty.com and the sothebysrealty.com global website.

Canvas© CMS is a best in class technology with a range of built-in features to elevate online marketing initiatives and ultimately convert online visitors to customers.


Roya.com Announces Addition of AMP to Canvas CMS Platform


San Diego, Jan. 25, 2017 / Roya.com is proud to announce the addition of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to Canvas® CMS platform, a state-of-the-art technology platform for online marketing. With over 50% of searches occurring on mobile devices, consumers want faster loading web pages and easier to digest content. Roya.com is spearheading the mobile first initiative by integrating AMP pages, giving users a mobile experience that is both higher-quality and faster to maneuver.

Benefits of AMP Functionality

Remember the days when perusing web pages on your smartphone was nearly impossible? With new standards for Search Engine Optimizations, more websites are mobile optimized and mobile responsive. But now the mobile experience is heightened even further with AMP. Mobile pages fitting AMP criteria are cached by Google, allowing them to load at lightening speed. With AMP-powered webpages, the user can view media rich pages in fraction of a second. Benefits of AMP functionality:

  • Loads faster and uses less data than original mobile optimized pages.

  • Better user experience, better engagement, and lower bounce rate.

  • Drives digital strategies by supporting a range of content formats, including video, images, and analytics.

  • AMP pages have a leg up in Google’s mobile search results.

  • AMP icon increases clicks and clickthrough rates.


About the Canvas® CMS Platform

Roya.com’s Canvas® CMS is a best in class technology with a range of built-in features to market small to mid-size businesses online.  The proprietary platform is powered by cutting edge cloud based technologies and is designed to speed up the online marketing initiatives and ultimately convert online visitors to customers. Features include:   

  • All-in-one CMS and Marketing platform built by marketers for marketers.

  • Cloud hosting technology that stores and optimizes assets for faster load times.

  • Built-in datasets that allow users to manage databases, while directly collecting data from web pages and landing pages.

  • User friendly customizations through drag and drop technology allows users to easily move and swap content or configure widgets anywhere on the page.

  • High-End custom designs that match your style and convert visitors to customers.